10 Reasons Brands Should Use Text Message Marketing

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Text message marketing is a subset of digital marketing in which you send your clients SMS messages on their mobile devices with offers, discounts, news, updates, confirmations, and other pertinent company information.

An increasing proportion of mobile users value and favor the simplicity of access provided by a text message link. Because text messaging is so easy to use and so widely available, it has become a unique way for businesses to communicate with their customers. 

In order to ensure that target customers’ convenience and preferences are honored, it provides marketers with a number of advantages when it comes to engaging them on mobile devices.

Convenience appears to be the key to both expanding mobile engagement and meeting customer expectations, despite the fact that many marketers are still catching up with mobile engagement. One such tried-and-true method is text messaging, which is a very successful engagement tactic for mobile marketers.

Retailers and brands are increasingly using text message marketing software extensively as a strategic element for a variety of mobile marketing use cases. 

Below are 10 reasons brands should use text message marketing:

The open and response rates of text messages are high

Reaching consumers on their mobile devices is simple since they use them frequently. According to the Data & Marketing Association, text messages connected to marketing have an exceptionally high open rate of almost 99 percent, whereas the average open rate for emails is just over 30 percent.

Mobile coupons are available for you to use

The initial point of contact between customers and brands is now the mobile channel. It makes sense that marketers perceive a huge window of opportunity to take advantage of this trend and provide personalized promotions and loyalty benefits like mobile discounts. It’s interesting to see that more customers now prefer getting mobile coupons over paper ones as the mobile customer experience matures.

It raises participation in loyalty programs

Providing mobile device accessibility for loyalty programs is the best approach to increase member participation. This is further supported by recent Insider Intelligence data, which reveals that 75% of consumers choose reward programs that are mobile-friendly when they purchase online. This type of data offers valuable insights on attracting customers who wish to interact with loyalty programs via text messaging from their smartphones.

It is a reasonably priced marketing strategy

One of the most economical marketing strategies is text message marketing. This is due to the fact that this marketing strategy just costs the usage of a text messaging service, which your business most likely already has. This makes text message marketing an affordable and highly effective alternative to traditional forms of marketing.

Customers may simply opt in and out

The simplicity of opting in and out of text message marketing is another advantage. Many companies spread the word through client visits to their websites in addition to their physical presence. You may persuade a lot of clients to sign up for your text message marketing business by simply inquiring whether they would like to get coupons, special offers, and more. Alternatively, individuals may opt out of receiving text messages from your organization by simply clicking a link or sending a brief message to the sending party.

Delivery is prompt and straightforward

The direct and instantaneous nature of text message marketing is one of its biggest advantages. Specifically, a study of short message services revealed that text message marketing is one of the most effective low-cost marketing strategies, with a ninety-five percent read rate within three minutes of delivery. Not only will the majority of your customers see your communications right away, but mobile marketing efforts can provide up to a 45 percent return on investment.

It is able to work with different channels

It is simple to connect text message marketing with other media. It may complement and strengthen other marketing strategies in addition to functioning as a stand-alone approach. Text message marketing may be used, for example, to notify clients of sales that might be promoted on social media, to remind them to check and reply to emails, and more.

Helps in expanding your knowledge of your clientele

You may also get greater client insight with SMS marketing. Every encounter provides you with useful consumer data that you can utilize to improve the efficacy of your advertising.

Customers can be reminded of sales or goods they explored and expressed interest in by automated text message flows, which are set to expire.

You can deliver information that is more relevant to your subscribers by getting to know what items and product categories they enjoy over time.

Zero competition

SMS marketing is still a relatively underutilized channel, despite the fact that the majority of online buyers own a phone—and, more significantly, a smartphone—that they can use to access your website. Just 55% of businesses SMS their customers, despite the fact that 70% of buyers are brand subscribers.

This is an opportunity for you to be among the select few companies in your sector to utilize SMS marketing and enjoy the advantages that come with it.

Don’t wait too long to get started, though, as there will be more competition for customers’ attention as SMS marketing becomes popularity.

Covers a large population

Text messaging reaches a large audience since almost everyone has a mobile phone these days, if not a smartphone. Since practically everyone has an email account these days, it is similar to email marketing in that regard, however texts frequently feel more urgent than emails.

Consider this: Compared to an email, doesn’t a text sent to your phone number—which very few people know—feel far more urgent? This text-based urgency can help customers remember your business and what it has to offer. Additionally, since promotional information is much less prevalent in people’s messages than in their email inboxes, you’ll stand out from the competition.

If you choose to start using SMS in your marketing strategy, consider what matters most to you: expanding your audience, increasing consumer interaction, or cultivating brand loyalty. Once you have a strategy in place, you may achieve your objectives with the aid of a marketing service. You’ll be imparting your acquired knowledge to your clients and enhancing your relationships if you set your aims and choose a SMS service that aligns with your requirements and ideals.

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