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The notable French tourism providers collected in the Alliance France Tourism consider-tank are tackling a phenomenon that has been criticized.

In tourism, hypertelorism, more than-tourism, overcrowding, or “tourism phobia” are all conditions utilized to describe a perceived or actual saturation of web-sites that prospects to conflict and rejection. What can be completed to limit or even get rid of them?

The Alliance Française du Tourisme, the affiliation of prominent French tourism corporations, desired to just take a pragmatic perspective of the battle against the genuine or perceived evils of “in excess of-tourism” or tourism in general. In a not long ago published examine, the team studied the social, financial, cultural, and environmental repercussions of tourist overcrowding that persist around time.

The French Tourism Alliance has created 10 suggestions to control over-tourism and establish a sustainable development program that aligns with the French tourism strategy via correct restrictions:


  1. To strengthen general public tourism guidelines, it really is critical to have a unified, participatory, and inclusive governance method. This can be realized by generating buildings in each and every location that facilitate dialogue between area authorities, professionals, and inhabitants. This dialogue need to emphasis on the impact of tourism enhancement and locating answers to any difficulties that occur.
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  3. Community and nationwide regulations should be set up to be certain that all respect the French tourism design, looking at the destination’s “carrying capability.” This can be accomplished by making use of significant details, new technologies, and fashionable monitoring resources to maintain keep track of of tourist flows.
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  5. To effectively benefit from foresight methodology, it is advisable to apply methods in the vicinity of the territories. These strategies must be coordinated at the national level and incorporate quantitative and qualitative indicators to evaluate the over-all affect of tourism on the desired destination and its inhabitants. Decentralizing flows and structuring a global supply of integrated solutions in the territories can significantly profit the local populace.
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  7. To boost tourism, consider redistributing flows in the course of the location by building new vacationer destinations and itineraries with a solid territorial emphasis. This can be achieved by boosting accommodations, eating solutions, and in general expert services at the destination. Additionally, increasing mobility and connectivity will assist to speed up this procedure.
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  9. We can greater greatly enhance customer activities by segmenting and targeting tourist teams or incorporating new systems like augmented truth to provide tourists with a lot more useful encounters.
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  11. One way to encourage accountable tourism is by giving experiential and party-dependent routines that profit locals and holidaymakers. This can also entail giving locals with free of charge entry, diminished fees, distinctive permits, or entry passes to tourist web-sites, encouraging them reclaim their areas. Furthermore, it is critical to manage tourism flows throughout the yr and change for seasonal changes.
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  13. To stability the variety of holidaymakers through the 12 months, it is important to de-seasonalize tourism. This can be realized by marketing off-time pursuits and experiences, arranging occasions during the off-year, or modifying prices to motivate visits for the duration of significantly less well-liked instances. By executing so, the circulation of vacationers can be evenly distributed in excess of time.
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  15. To make sure much better economic predictability and lawful certainty for business owners and buyers, a human body for reflection and session really should be recognized concerning the Ministry of Training and the tourism sector. This overall body aims to coordinate faculty holiday break dates with seasonality, thus achieving ideal benefits for each functions. Raise awareness amongst the population of the gains of developing tourism things to do and between visitors of the impression of tourism on the territory.
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  17. To foster far better interactions between host communities and travellers, the tourism sector and public authorities ought to communicate a lot more effectively about tourism’s good economic, social, and cultural impacts.
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  19. We intention to teach visitors, social networks, and stakeholders about the detrimental outcomes of over-tourism on regional traditions and regulations. We approach to obtain this as a result of communication strategies, codes of perform, and the advertising of reflective tourism.
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