30 Pride Month Activities To Promote Love and Acceptance

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Pride Month is a time to celebrate the diverse individuals in our communities. As educators, it’s our responsibility to create a safe environment for all students to be themselves and take pride in their identities. By incorporating Pride Month activities into our classrooms, we have the remarkable opportunity to cultivate understanding, promote acceptance, and joyfully celebrate alongside or as allies of the LGBTQ+ community.

Whether you’re a teacher looking to add to your school’s pride celebrations or a parent eager to provide meaningful learning experiences at home, this list of vibrant and engaging Pride Month activities not only nurtures a strong sense of community but also fosters essential social and emotional skills, all while having fun!

Let the celebration begin!

Pride Month Activities

1. Start the conversation

Woman holding up pride flag in crowd- Pride Month activities

It’s important to begin any Pride Month activity with a conversation about pride. By opening up the floor for respectful and age-appropriate discussions, students have the opportunity to learn, understand, and empathize with different perspectives and experiences.

Engaging in Pride Month conversations and activities allows students to explore the significance of this commemoration for the LGBTQ+ community. It creates a safe and inclusive space for students to ask questions and share their thoughts. They’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs faced by this community.

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2. Make DIY rainbow crayons

Crayons melted and dried together in cupcake tray

Transform those broken crayon stubs into colorful symbols of unity and inclusivity! This activity not only repurposes discarded crayons but also serves as a powerful metaphor for coming together and embracing the beautiful diversity within the LGBTQ+ community.

While melting those crayon pieces together in the heat of an oven, encourage students to reflect on the importance of embracing differences and coming together to celebrate individuality. We are like crayons after all, we come in different colors but are all just the same deep down inside.

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3. Make your own pride flag

Different rainbow flags

Through making their own pride flag, students embark on a meaningful journey of self-discovery. Kids will explore and acknowledge the various aspects of their identity. As they carefully choose the colors, symbols, and designs that resonate with them, they gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

By sharing their flags with their peers, students foster a sense of community, where differences are celebrated and individuality is embraced.

Teacher tip: Encourage students to reflect on the flag that they created. Then have them write or verbally express what their flag means to them.

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4. Play with pronouns

Game pieces with different pronouns- Pride Month activities

Incorporate pronoun games that go beyond just grammar. Dive into the profound impact they have on our understanding of gender, stereotypes, and inclusivity. Through pronoun games, students learn the impact of gender conformity and recognize the importance of respecting everyone’s chosen pronouns.

Premade and well-thought-out pronoun games such as Playing With Pronouns are great Pride Month activities because they foster an environment where all individuals are valued and celebrated in a fun way, regardless of their gender identity or expression.

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5. Hand-print rainbow paintings

Hand covered in rainbow paint

Rainbow hand-print painting is an excellent activity for all ages to try during Pride Month. This craft is not only fun and colorful but also offers a hands-on and immersive experience.

This activity promotes artistic expression and also encourages sensory exploration and fine motor skill development. Plus, the finished creation is a symbol of love and acceptance, making it a meaningful activity for everyone.

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6. Support an LGBTQ+ cause by hosting a fundraiser

Hands making a heart

Hosting a fundraiser is a powerful Pride Month activity that not only raises awareness about community groups supporting the LGBTQ+ community but also instills the value of giving back in children. By participating in a fundraiser, students discover that they are part of a caring community where they can seek support, build connections, and be celebrated for who they truly are.

This activity holds particular significance for students within the LGBTQ+ community as it highlights the world of support out there for them that they might not otherwise have known about.

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7. Start a rainbow club

Flyer for school rainbow club- Pride Month activities

Establishing an LGBTQ+ club is an excellent way to promote inclusion, foster a sense of community, and create a safe space for all students, including those who identify as LGBTQ+ or those who know or live with people who do.

This type of club can serve as an open forum for students to learn, discuss, and explore different aspects of LGBTQ+ identity. It also promotes empathy, respect, and understanding for people who are different from ourselves.

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8. Research LGBTQ+ activists

LGBT activists

By delving into the lives and work of LGBTQ+ activists such as Harvey Milk or Marsha P. Johnson, students can embark on a meaningful and inspiring journey of discovery. This activity helps students learn about the accomplishments and struggles of these trailblazers and how they advocated for themselves and their community.

Students will learn about the importance of social justice and the power of nonviolent conflict resolution. Beyond promoting empathy and inclusivity towards LGBTQ+ individuals, this activity might just inspire students to become advocates for social change in their own communities.

Teacher tip: Have students create a movie poster for or write a poem about the advocate that inspired them most.

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9. Conduct rainbow science experiments

Different pride activities

Brighten up your classroom with rainbow science experiments! This colorful and exciting activity allows students to explore scientific concepts while having fun with the colors of the rainbow. From making a rainbow in a jar with water and food coloring to experimenting with light and color, students will gain a deeper understanding of how the world works.

But that’s not all. Rainbow science experiments can also open the floor to teach students about the connection and significance of the rainbow as a symbol of LGBTQ+ pride.

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10. Read LGBTQ+ children’s books

Pride themed book covers- Pride Month activities

Discover new worlds and characters with LGBTQ+ children’s books. Reading and discussing books like The Great Big Book of Families or And Tango Makes Three can open up a world of diversity and promote inclusivity, empathy, and respect for all people.

By exploring the lives and experiences of LGBTQ+ characters, students can learn to appreciate different perspectives and understand that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness. Reading LGBTQ+ children’s books can also help LGBTQ+ students see themselves represented in literature, which can be a powerful and affirming experience.

Teacher tip: Encourage your students to write their own stories that explore their personal experiences with acceptance, pride, and identity. This can include real-life struggles they have faced, moments of triumph, or even fictional stories that celebrate diversity. Plus, who knows? You may even discover some talented young writers in your presence!

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11. Get students to write loving letters to themselves

Letter to yourself sheet

Getting students to write a letter to themselves promotes self-reflection, self-love, and self-acceptance, all things we want to highlight during Pride Month. This activity encourages children to think about their personal strengths, achievements, and qualities that make them unique and special. By focusing on positive self-talk and self-affirmations, children can develop a stronger sense of self-esteem and confidence.

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12. Learn LGBTQ+ vocabulary

Pride terms vocabulary sheet

Introducing LGBTQ+ vocabulary and making it part of everyday conversation promotes inclusivity, respect, and understanding of diversity. In this activity, students can expand their vocabulary skills, enhance their knowledge of terminology, and learn to communicate effectively with people from all backgrounds.

Using appropriate terminology creates a welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ students and raises awareness of their experiences. By breaking down stereotypes and promoting acceptance, this activity is a significant step toward creating a more inclusive environment.

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13. Make healthy rainbow snacks

Different rainbow colored snacks- Pride Month activities

Making healthy rainbow snacks with kids is a wonderful way to celebrate Pride Month as these tasty treats provide a dual purpose of nourishing the body and promoting a sense of pride in one’s health.

By engaging children in the preparation of colorful fruits and vegetables, they can develop an appreciation for making nutritious food choices. Additionally, the symbolism of the rainbow can be explored, creating an opportunity to discuss its connection to Pride Month and the values of acceptance and diversity.

Teacher tip: Teach kids the importance of eating a colorful diet and explain the meaning behind the colors of some fruits and vegetables. Get them thinking differently about what they fuel their bodies with. Teachable moments are everywhere!

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14. Make mandalas

DIY mandala with colored pens

Mandalas are a geometric pattern that represents unity, balance, and harmony. Making mandalas is a fun and unique Pride Month activity that can be used to symbolize the unity and diversity within the LGBTQ+ community.

Making mandalas becomes a powerful way for students to connect with themselves, each other, and the world around them, promoting self-discovery, empathy, and a sense of pride in their identities.

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15. Write positive messages on sidewalks with chalk

Chalk drawing with words Kindness is Magical

Writing positive messages on sidewalks promotes positivity and spreads joy within the community. By using their creativity to craft uplifting phrases and sentiments as well as drawings, children become agents of positivity, brightening the day of all who pass by and creating an atmosphere of kindness and encouragement.

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16. Create a kindness wall

Kindness wall with rainbow sticky notes- Pride Month activities

Creating a kindness wall in your learning space is a simple yet impactful way to promote kindness and empathy in the classroom. By providing a space for students to write or draw acts of kindness they have experienced or witnessed, they are encouraged to recognize and celebrate the positive actions of their peers.

Beyond being a great Pride Month activity, a kindness wall promotes a culture of kindness and empathy where students learn important social and emotional skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

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17. Leave positive messages that stick

Bulletin board

Have students write and leave sticky note messages of inclusion and love around the classroom, school, or home. It’s a powerful way to promote kindness, empathy, and community. This activity allows students to actively engage in spreading positivity. Plus it helps them to develop a greater sense of social responsibility.

Students get to practice their writing and communication skills. Additionally, they get to create an uplifting and supportive environment for their peers. By spreading messages of acceptance and love, students can make a meaningful impact on their school and community, promoting a culture of kindness and inclusivity.

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18. Make pride tie-dye shirts

Screenshot of kids using tie dye

By creating colorful, unique, and stylish shirts, students have an opportunity to express their individuality, celebrate diversity, and show their support for the LGBTQ+ community.

The act of making and wearing pride tie-dye shirts serves as a visible representation of support and allyship. By wearing these shirts, students send a message of acceptance and inclusivity to their peers, fostering a welcoming and safe environment.

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19. Host a pride poetry slam

Students doing a poetry slam- Pride Month activities

Hosting a poetry slam event during Pride Month provides a platform for students to express their experiences, emotions, and perspectives through original spoken-word poetry or by sharing their favorite LGBTQ+ poems and poets.

Through a pride-themed poetry slam, students will learn the power of language and the impact it can have in creating social change. They can explore themes such as love, acceptance, equality, and social justice, shedding light on important issues and promoting dialogue within the school community.

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20. Create a rainbow scrap paper collage

Rainbow made with scraps of paper

Engage students in a colorful activity by making scrap paper rainbows to commemorate Pride Month. This interactive project allows students to unleash their creativity and reuse old materials as they construct their own vibrant rainbow paper collages out of whatever scraps they can find.

The resulting artwork can be proudly displayed in the classroom, adding a touch of color and a symbol of inclusivity, or taken home as a cherished reminder of the significance of Pride Month.

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21. Blow a rainbow using straws

Rainbow made using straws and blowing into colored water

By blowing paint through straws onto a canvas or paper, students can create original and mesmerizing rainbow patterns. This hands-on experience not only brings joy and excitement but also serves as a visual reminder of the importance of inclusivity, acceptance, and celebration of diverse identities.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to express themselves, appreciate the beauty of colors, and contribute to a more inclusive and supportive classroom environment.

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22. Share quotes that inspire kindness, love, and acceptance

If you can be anything, be kind- Pride Month activities

Kindness quotes serve as a powerful tool for imparting valuable lessons to children, particularly in regard to acceptance and inclusivity during Pride Month. These quotes emphasize the importance of embracing differences, regardless of race, gender, or any other characteristic.

By introducing children to the insightful words of quotes, they can develop a deep understanding of empathy and the significance of treating others with kindness. Such lessons not only promote a positive attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community but also foster a broader culture of acceptance and respect for all individuals.

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23. Create prideful self-portraits

Crafts of faces in different mediums

At its core, pride is a celebration of embracing and being proud of who you truly are, even in a world that may not always understand or accept you. This Pride Month activity invites children to reflect on what makes them unique or different from others in their family, school, or town. This will really get them to explore their identities and individual qualities that they cherish.

Using various art mediums such as crayons, markers, collage, photos, or even play-dough sculptures, allow everyone to create a self-portrait that highlights their unique qualities. Let their creativity soar as they visually express what makes them special.

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24. Create a pride-themed board game

Board game titled Rainbow Run

Creating a board game is a fun and engaging activity that offers a multitude of benefits for students, and incorporating it into your Pride Month activities can enhance those benefits even further. This project encourages creativity, critical thinking, and social awareness in a dynamic and inclusive manner.

By designing a game with a pride theme, students have the opportunity to explore LGBTQ+ themes, histories, and experiences in an interactive and fun way, while also promoting empathy and understanding toward the community.

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25. Teach the meaning behind the pride flag

Pride flag lesson for children- Pride Month activities

Teaching students about the history of the rainbow pride flag offers a powerful learning opportunity. It promotes understanding and inclusivity in the classroom. By exploring the meaning behind the pride flag and researching the significance of each color of the flag, students can develop a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs experienced by the LGBTQ+ community.

To enhance this activity, educators can incorporate books or videos that provide clear explanations and narratives surrounding the flag, allowing students to engage with diverse perspectives and foster empathy.

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26. Design rainbow friendship bracelets

Hand with rainbow bracelets on it

Making rainbow bracelets is a fun and meaningful activity. It allows students to proudly show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. This hands-on activity promotes self-expression while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of inclusivity, acceptance, and diversity in the classroom.

And as an added bonus, students can wear their bracelets with pride beyond the classroom. Spread the message of equality and love all year long!

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27. Write letters to elected officials advocating for LGBTQ+ rights

Kid civics poster

Writing letters to elected officials advocating for LGBTQ+ rights can be a powerful and empowering activity for kids any time, but it’s especially powerful as a Pride Month activity. Here kids will learn to use their voices to create change and stand up for what they believe in.

Kids learn about the importance of advocacy and the political process, which fosters critical thinking and communication skills. By taking action, kids become a part of the movement toward equality and inclusivity for all individuals.

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28. Go on a rainbow-themed scavenger hunt

Rainbow toy hunt- Pride Month activities

A rainbow-themed scavenger hunt offers an opportunity to initiate meaningful conversations about the differences and beauty that exist in the world. It also serves as a springboard for educators and parents to delve into the significance of the rainbow. The rainbow is a powerful symbol for the LGBTQ+ community!

By making a scavenger hunt and searching for items that match the colors of the rainbow, children not only get to explore the vibrant colors all around them but also learn about the importance of diversity and inclusivity.

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29. Hold an anonymous Q&A session for students

Safe zone project poster

Holding an anonymous Q&A session for students about LGBTQ+ topics can be a valuable Pride Month activity that promotes understanding and acceptance in the classroom. This activity allows students to ask questions anonymously. They also get to receive informative answers about LGBTQ+ issues without fear of judgment or criticism. It provides a safe space for students to express their curiosity and learn about the diverse experiences of their peers.

By encouraging open and honest communication, educators and parents can create a more welcoming and supportive environment for all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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30. Budget and plan a weekend trip to a pride event

Plan a road trip

This math project involves planning a weekend getaway to a pride event. It’s an engaging way to celebrate Pride Month with older students while simultaneously teaching important math skills. Students discover the history and culture of the LGBTQ+ community. They also get to explore a city while learning practical skills such as budgeting, calculating distances, and measuring time. The project includes tasks such as researching transportation options and pricing. Students also work on calculating the cost of accommodations, estimating food expenses, and creating a detailed itinerary of activities.

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Did you enjoy these Pride Month activities? Be sure to check out our list of the best Pride Month books!

What are your favorite activities to promote love and acceptance? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.


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