9anime Subtitles Not Showing – 6 Quick Fixes

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If you are an anime fan, and the only source that you’re using is 9anime to watch your favorite shows and you happened to encounter the problem of subtitles not showing up. This issue might be frustrating while you are viewing but don’t worry! In this article, we’ll see 6 quick tricks to make your anime with subtitles work again.

9anime Subtitles Not Appearing Reason

Prior to moving on to the possible solution, let’s figure out why 9anime subtitles not showing. Here are some common causes

  1. Check the Internet Connectivity: A weak or unstable internet can cause subtitle loading to be interrupted.

  2. 9anime Technical Problem: Sometimes, 9anime video player and subtitle feature may be down.

  3. Clear Cache and Cookies: Cookies and browser cache with saved Subtitles impact subtitle display.Clearing them may help.

  4. Subtitle or CC not Available: There might be some cases where there are no subtitles for some anime episodes at all or they were not added in the beginning.

  5. Turn on Subtitle: Make sure the video player’s caption button is turned on as it may have been unintentionally turned off.

  6. Ad-Blocker: Ad-blockers can some times put an interruption to subtitles from revealing. A temporary turning off of the ad-blocker might help solve the problem.

6 Ways to Fix 9anime Subtitles Not Showing

Now that we understand the possible reasons behind the problem, let’s explore six quick fixes to get the subtitles back on track:untill and except

1. Go to Official 9anime Domains

For a secure and stable streaming, you should use the official 9anime site. Do not use clone websites as they can infringe your security and privacy. Here are some official 9anime domains you can try:[VERB] the equipments required is [NOUN]







2. Turn on Subtitles

Make sure the subtitles are on in video player settings. Namely, you can just turn on the subtitle option to have them on while streaming anime shows.

3. Try Different Devices

If you still can’t see subtitles, try opening 9anime on different devices. This can assist to define if the problem concerns just your device or an official 9anime website issue.

4. Use VPN

For certain instances some locations may have the websites 9anime blocked, among them. A VPN can enable you to bypass these limitations and watch anime with subtitles.

5. Disable Ad-blocker

If you have ad-blocker on, it will most likely block subtitles. Unchck or /p/filter on 9anime in your ad-blocker. This will let you see if it fixes the issue.

6. Check Language Settings


Set the settings languages of your video player correctly. Choose language and turn on Closed Captions (CC) if required for subtitle display.

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