A Guide for Measuring the Tiles for Various Spaces

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Are you planning to lay tiles in your space? Or, just calculating your space to set your budget for tiling your space? You can easily find out the number of tiles you will need by considering a few factors and doing some calculations. Just keep reading this guide to understand different aspects before planning to buy tiles in Coimbatore

Steps to Calculate the Number of Tiles

Step 1: Measure Floor and Wall Dimension

When tiling, measuring the area you want to tile is the most crucial step. Making several sections of your room will allow you to get the best measurement of its size. After that, you can measure the space’s length and width. You can use any unit of length, but feet are usually preferred for tiles. 


If you have a circular portion within your space, you can consider its radius or diameter. To begin measuring the radius, hold your measuring tape at one end, insert it into the circle’s centre, and continue measuring till the other end. After that, you may find the circular space’s diameter as well as its area. 

Step 2: Find Out the Area 

After you have measured the lengths and breadths of the spaces where you wish to lay tiles, you need to figure out the overall area. You can calculate the area in square units for any rectangular room by multiplying its length and width. You should prefer to get the area in square foot units. 


For round spaces, you will need to use the area formula of a circle. You can multiply the square of the radius of the circular space by 3.14, and you will have the area. 

Step 3: Find Out the Number of Tile  


Now you know the total area of the space, it’s time to find out the number of tiles you need. For that, you must know the area of one tile that you plan to install in your space. As tiles come in different sizes, you can either visit an offline floor tile shop or an online tile store to explore the tile sizes or learn the size of the preferred one. Now divide the total area of the space by the area of one tile you have finalised to get the number of tiles you will need for the whole area. Also, make sure that both the areas are square feet to calculate accurately. 

For example, to tile a total area of 1600 square feet you want to use tiles of 4 square ft. each, you will need around 400 tiles. Besides that, you must remember that you should get some extra tiles so that you can use them appropriately even in the corners and tight spaces. Also, there will be some wastage as some will be trimmed during the installation process. 

Use a Tile Calculator

You can also use a tile calculator that does the same task of determining the number of tiles you will need. Many tile manufacturers like Orientbell Tiles offer an option of a tile calculator on their website, allowing you to determine the number of tile boxes you will need for a particular tile and area. Also, remember to get an extra box, in case of any damage during the installation process or later.

Factors To Consider Before Tiling

Whether you are planning to install tiles on your walls or floors, you can find countless tile options that you can explore to infuse a modern vibe into your space. Due to their durability, versatility, and affordability, tiles are the go-to option for most interior styles. However, you have to consider some factors while planning to lay tiles in your space. 


The area which you want to upgrade using tiles is the most important factor of the process. If you are planning to install tiles in a large space, you can consider using large-size tiles to make the area look more majestic and seamless. You can use both oversized wall and floor tiles or any one of them to add a touch of luxury. 

Interior Themes

Tiles play a huge role in highlighting the theme of your interior space. So, you should consider selecting the tile design, pattern, and quality depending on your interior theme. If you have different themes in different areas of your space, don’t worry about selecting different tile sizes, designs, and patterns. You can visit a floor tile shop and check the variety of tiles in Coimbatore to match the vibe of your interior space. 


When determining an appropriate number of tiles or tile boxes for your area, the sizes of the tiles play a vital role. Once the room’s measurements are known, determining how many wall and floor tiles to purchase will be simple. You can then visit a wall and floor tile shop in your city to purchase.  




To determine the exact number of tiles, you will need to consider several factors, including the space dimensions and tile sizes. Once you know each detail, you can simply use a tile calculator available online or calculate it yourself. You can visit any reputed floor tile shop for tiles in Coimbatore, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique, to have a talk with the tile dealer and get proper guidance about the number of tiles and the tile installation process.

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