Airbnb Manipulations of Illegal Listings Described in Canada

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The Regroupement des comités logement et associations de locataires du Québec (RCLALQ) notes that Airbnb’s alleged removing of unlawful listings is just a smoke monitor. In accordance to facts released by the internet site Within Airbnb past week, 58% of the models provided for lease in Montreal are not certified, and in Quebec City 28% of the rentals made available are not qualified, contrary to what the law necessitates. In addition, many listings exhibit a bogus certification number, as Airbnb does not validate this.

The multinational executives’ promise to the Minister of Tourism to take out illegal adverts is hence only a parry. Worse still, Airbnb sends a concept to renters suggesting they choose for long-term rentals, i.e. extra than 31 days.

As a result, in Montreal, the so-named extensive-time period rentals went from 17% to 60% of the full range of advertisements in a number of times, and in Quebec City from 18% to 30% of the full. However, this Airbnb manipulation is in fact a subterfuge that will allow avoiding complying with the Tourist Lodging Act.

Nor is the target plainly to comply with the guidelines governing relations involving tenants and landlords in the Civil Code of Quebec, which is mandatory for any household rental of more than 31 times.

Plainly, Airbnb is encouraging fraudulent conduct to evade the legislation. Such manipulations have been noticed in Toronto. According to Thorben Wieditz of the Fairbnb Canada coalition, “Airbnb is repeating in Quebec the exact regulatory trick made use of in Toronto. Soon after the city’s brief-term rental principles were enacted in 2021, Airbnb moved hundreds of unlawful listings to a minimal rental time period of 28 days, pushing them out of the regulatory system. As a final result, more than 12,000 listings on Airbnb’s platform are escaping regulatory oversight in Toronto.”

RCLALQ spokesperson Cédric Dussault referred to as on the Minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx: “The RCLALQ vehemently denounces these Airbnb manipulations and asks the Federal government of Quebec to intervene quickly to place an stop to the unlawful conduct of this multinational and the men and women who gain from it.”


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