Antique Gemstone Jewellery Pieces That Capture Timeless Elegance

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Rushing forward feels good but, tracing the past provides you with a treasure of the magnificent history that the world has been a part of but never witnessed. Jewellery forms the major asset which gets carried on to people generation after generation. The designs may change with time but the gemstones and their importance remain the same. Here in this article, we will be talking about the various jewellery and ornaments such as aquamarine and ruby bracelets, diamond and sapphire earrings, etc of the forgotten world which used to be a part of the masses but with time, the designs got changed giving way to the newer designs. The older designs were in no way anything less than the current day designs but only complex and perhaps a little heavier. 

So, let’s delve into the history and see what jewellery designs have changed and what still remains the peoples’ favourites from the old world.

1. Emerald Adorned Regal Tiara

Princesses and queens- the ones most adorned with the gemstones and precious metals had a number of jewellery which were meant to be worn on different occasions and functions. The tiaras worn by them had a number of gemstones installed on them to make sure that they looked regal and radiated royalty. The emerald adorned tiaras are considered to be the most beautiful ones in the entire history. The intricate patterns and the sleek designs carved on the crown with emeralds studded denoting prosperity and elegance not only added to the beauty of the crown but also added to the position of the person wearing the crown.

2. Sapphire-Encrusted Choker Necklace

Remember the phrase ‘roaring twenties’? Well, this is a term used to denote the era of 1920s when there was sudden boom in various sectors. People, particularly women, in this era were more inclined towards jewellery, ornamentation and other such material assets. The choker necklace became quite popular during this era. Adorned with different gemstones and metals, they were considered to be the talk of the town when a woman was seen wearing a certain choker in a get together or a party. Sapphires have forever been known as the mystical and royal gemstone and this is the reason why it was loved so much by everyone. These days the sapphire eternity ring is in vogue and is equally prized by the individuals. 

3. Opal-Inlaid Art Nouveau Bracelet

Art Nouveau was a much-known movement of the time. The artistic beauty and excellence of the time was known all over the world. The opal, to add to the movement was the beloved gemstone. The fine lines of perfection on this gemstone are the most organic beauty traces that one can see on a gemstone. Bracelets was very common in the olden days and even today a number of people love to wear them. The incrustation of opal in the bracelets made them a worth considering jewellery in those days.

4. Garnet-Encrusted Victorian Locket

A symbol of love and devotion, the garnets are considered to be one of those gemstones which link the past to the future. In order to know about and unlock the mysteries of the past and the love for the intricate designs and craftsmanship, the garnet lockets were considered to be the best jewellery options that can be gifted to someone. The vintage charm and elegance radiated by this gemstone has forever been winning hearts of the masses and to add to the beauty, the metal chains with intricate designs and precision were made to contain this exquisite and enchanting locket.

5. Citrine-Studded Art Deco Brooch

Bold art and rebel beauties were the spirit of the roaring twenties. The geometric shapes and the strong and bold designs added to the masculine energy that was required to be radiated when designing a brooch for the men’s blazers and three pieces. The brooches were considered to be an important accessory in those days and to add to the legacy and the continuation of those days, this jewellery is considered to be a quite important one even to this day. The Citrine having the sunset yellow colour is considered to be the best gemstone for being inlaid in the brooches and the calf bands of the men’s dresses even to this day. 

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