Best Credit Card in India for Festive Shopping: 5 Easy Tips to Know

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Some of the best credit cards in India are specially designed for shopping benefits and can add to your festive cheer. The festive season in India witnesses enticing offers from various credit card companies. 


Choosing a credit card wisely can help you augment your shopping experience during the holiday season. Here are certain proven strategies to get the best credit card in India for your festive shopping. 


How to Choose the Best Credit Card in India for Festive Shopping


Markets start buzzing with credit card offers when the festive season in India comes. However, before embarking on your journey for the holiday season, taking these aspects into account is essential for choosing from the best credit cards in India:


Come the festive season, credit cards begin to offer higher rewards at most of the merchant stores, both online and offline. You can redeem these reward points for various benefits, such as:

  • Gift Vouchers

  • Cashback

  • Merchandise

You can accumulate these points to avail of exciting offers and attractive deals on shopping. Check the redemption process to redeem your points easily and save big before the holiday season.


Credit card companies in India also offer incentives in the form of cashback when you pay with the card. The cashback may range between 0.25% to 5% of your transaction’s value. Choose a credit card by comparing these rates and checking the structure.

  • Some cards may provide a flat rate on cashback whenever you swipe your card. However, their rates are generally lower than more premium cards.

  • Others may offer higher rates on bonus spending categories. You need to be aware of these exclusive deals to save big on festive shopping.

  • A third category of cards extends the highest cashback rates. The offers on such cards are limited and often changing, which requires you to be more vigilant to grab the best deals.

Discounts and Offers

Another key consideration to make is to compare exclusive deals available on these cards. Credit card companies provide a dazzling array of benefits for enthusiastic shoppers during the holiday season. By going for the one where you can get the most, you can enjoy more savings.

Seasonal Promotional Offers

Large purchases during holiday shopping can lead to big bills, which can stretch your finances. Certain credit cards collaborate with retailers to provide exclusive promotional offers and make big-ticket shopping easy on your wallet. Look out for these benefits when deciding which card to choose.

Price Protection and Purchase Insurance

Some of the best credit cards in India for shopping provide price protection. These cards reimburse you if the price of the product you buy falls later. Others also offer you insurance for the purchased item and your card. Going for these is a great way to keep your finances protected and make the most of them.

Tips to Make Smart Use of Credit Card for Festive Shopping

Here’s how you can optimise your credit card use for shopping during the holiday season:

Set a Strict Budget

Prior to swiping your card for any purchase, set aside a budget for your shopping for the upcoming holiday season. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Calculate the maximum amount you can afford to pay at the end of the billing cycle.

  • Taking a disciplined approach and compiling a list of planned purchases, including gifts. Be aware of your income and ongoing debts when working out your budget.

  • Account for your credit limit and get an increase, if necessary. 

  • Make sure not to exceed this limit to avoid adverse effects on your credit score.  

Track Rewards and Discounts

With some credit cards, you can earn rewards that don’t expire. For instance, some fuel credit cards may offer points with lifetime validity. Tracking your benefits regularly can help you plan the redemptions of your points if they are going to expire soon.

Since these features are fine-tuned to align with your spending patterns, they can also help you maximise your benefits. Many credit cards come with an app that allows you to access your statement of transactions and rewards earned. Monitoring these will enable you to align your transactions to get the most benefits and make the most of your card.


Time Your Shopping with Festive Offers

Many shopping credit cards are co-branded, and they offer high rewards on transactions with partner merchants. Be aware of these offers, as they are of limited validity. These discounts are generally over and above the offers available in merchant stores. 

Avoid Impulsive Purchases

Festive discounts and sales can sometimes be so tempting that people can’t resist shopping for more. However, differentiating between your needs and wants is crucial in ensuring you can manage the bills in the end. With the right approach and a well-thought-out shopping list, you can make mindful choices. 

Before shopping, evaluate the value of each of your purchases and assess its long-term value. With careful planning and spending, you can make the most out of your card’s rewards.

Your festive shopping experience can be more rewarding with offers and discounts offered by some of the best credit cards in India. To get 5X rewards on your purchases and convert big purchases in easy instalments, get the One Credit Card.

You can explore the best deals on this premium metal card before the festivities begin. With its powerful application, you can track your transactions and control all aspects of your rewards program with ease. Apply now to confidently shop this holiday season.

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