Best Pricing Tata & Ashok Leyland Trucks For Rural Settings

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Looking for the best pricing on Tata and Ashok Leyland trucks tailored for rural settings? Look no further. Tata and Ashok Leyland are recognized brands to meet the unique needs of rural environments. From rugged performance to cost-effective solutions, these trucks are built to withstand challenging terrains. Also, they offer reliable transportation for rural businesses and communities.

Ashok Leyland Boss 1218 HB EV Truck

The Ashok Leyland Boss 1218 HB EV Truck is designed with a Zero Tailpipe engine norm for eco-friendly operation. Also, it charges quickly within an hour to ensure a fast turnaround between trips. Moreover, at 80 Kmph speed and a range of 300-350 Km/charge, EV trucks offer efficient performance for long-distance hauls. In addition, with a GVW of 11990 kg and a payload capacity of 5000 KG, the Ashok Leyland truck handles heavy loads with ease. Besides featuring a wheelbase of 5200 MM and 6 tyres, the 1218 HB truck ensures stability and durability on the road. 

Tata LPT 1916 Truck

If any Tata truck has great loading abilities, then it is the Tata LPT 1916 Truck. It has a powerful diesel engine producing 160 HP. Moreover, its overall weight in GVW is 18,500 kg, which promotes great performance for various tasks. Additionally, featuring a fuel tank capacity of 160/250 litres, the Tata truck offers an extended operational range. The LPT truck has a payload capacity of 13200 KG, and it efficiently handles cargo transportation. Besides, it has a factory-fitted LPT CAB cabin type, prioritizing driver comfort and convenience. Priced competitively between Rs. 26.30 – 27.30 Lakh, this LPT Truck suits transportation needs.

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