CD BioGlyco Introduces Advanced Lipopolysaccharide Structure Analysis Services for Enhanced Understanding of Bacterial Pathogens

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CD BioGlyco, a leading biotechnology company specializing in glycoscience, is pleased to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) Structure Analysis services. These cutting-edge services provide researchers with comprehensive insights into the structure and composition of LPS, a critical component of bacterial cell walls. The advanced analysis techniques offered by CD BioGlyco enable a deeper understanding of bacterial pathogens and facilitate the development of targeted therapeutics and vaccines.


LPS, also known as endotoxin, is a complex glycolipid found on the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. It plays a crucial role in bacterial pathogenesis and immune responses. Understanding the structure and composition of LPS is essential for unraveling the mechanisms of bacterial infections and developing effective strategies to combat them.


Scientists at CD BioGlyco conduct lipopolysaccharide structure analysis using the following techniques:


Analysis of core oligosaccharides and O-antigens


NMR, MALDI-TOF MS, MS/MS, and ESI-MS are used to clarify the glycosyl sequence and structure. Purification and size determination are done using FPLC, SEC, HPAEC, and RPC. Monosaccharide composition is done using GC-MS, GC-FID, and GC-CI. Glycosyl linking of neutral and acidic sugars is done using partly methylated alditol acetates (PMAA).


Analysis of lipid A


HPLC and liquid-liquid extraction were used to purify the material; MALDI-TOF MS, MS/MS, ESI-MS, and NMR were used to determine the molecular weight and structure.


“With the combination of multiple advanced technology platforms and comprehensive and systematic detection and profiling, our LPS structure analysis services provide researchers with a comprehensive understanding of the complex structure of LPS, enabling them to gain valuable insights into bacterial pathogens,” said Anna, one of the representative speakers at CD BioGlyco. “By offering advanced analytical techniques, we aim to support the development of targeted therapeutics and vaccines that can effectively combat bacterial infections.”


CD BioGlyco’s LPS Structure Analysis services are performed by a team of highly skilled scientists with expertise in glycoscience and bacterial pathogenesis. The company’s commitment to quality and accuracy ensures reliable and reproducible results. Additionally, CD BioGlyco offers customized analysis packages to meet the specific needs of researchers and collaborators.


To learn more about CD BioGlyco’s LPS Structure Analysis services and how they can enhance the understanding of bacterial pathogens, please visit

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