Comprehensive Development Services for the Medical Device Industry

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STEMart, a US-based provider of comprehensive services for all phases of medical device development, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Medical Device Development Services covering various product categories, including medical imaging devices, surgical equipment, therapeutic devices, patient monitoring, drug delivery systems, emergency care systems, oral appliances, and automated lab equipment.


Today’s healthcare and life sciences companies face significant cost pressures and the need to develop new and innovative products in shorter timeframes. Medical device companies have to overcome many significant challenges to bring new products to market. In addition to the high cost of the entire product design, development, and manufacturing process, medical device product development often involves cutting-edge technologies and stringent regulatory requirements that further complicate the process.


To address these challenges, STEMart offers a full range of services covering all stages of development to accelerate clients’ medical device projects from initial concept through product design, development and validation to manufacturing and launch. Clients will have a multidisciplinary and specialized technical partner to support all aspects of the project, making well-defined and informed decisions to avoid costly mistakes, ensure desired quality and accelerate time to market.


From Concept & Requirement Definition and Development, STEMart’s team gathers all the information necessary to create well-defined medical device designs that ensure reliable performance and regulatory compliance, helping clients turn brand new medical devices or early concepts into focused, detailed engineering solutions. The company’s engineers help solve complex mechanical, electronic, and software challenges to deliver high-performance medical devices.


STEMart’s Product Prototyping and Testing services are valuable for confirming the feasibility or appeal of an idea, comparing the functionality of different concepts, and avoiding costly mistakes early on. This phase also includes risk management activities, technical validation of prototypes, functional testing, and human factors/usability evaluation.


During the Pilot Production phase, STEMart brings together project, manufacturing, and quality engineers to oversee the development of production tooling and production line configuration, perform process validation, and complete risk management activities, including the Process FMEA.


Additionally, STEMart’s Testing and Verification services ensure that products meet functionality, reliability, usability, and safety requirements through rigorous verification and validation testing. STEMart will also provide comprehensive and rigorous program management oversight during the full manufacturing phase.


Whether developing a new device or improving an existing one, STEMart has the experience to help clients address the design, engineering, manufacturing and regulatory challenges unique to the medical device development process. The company’s engineers, physicists, industrial designers, and regulatory and manufacturing experts can work with the client’s team to ensure the best possible outcome.


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About STEMart


STEMart is an industry-leading eCommerce platform incorporated with an extensive global footprint and a broad portfolio of more than 10,000 products. It aims to provide better lab materials, medical instruments and consumables, excellent technologies, and high-quality services to global customers in the fields of science, technology, and engineering, from the discovery stage upward to the manufacturing process. STEMart is dedicated to enhancing research and biotech production with simpler and safer protocols to access better health worldwide.

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