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Middleeast Valve is one of the best Control valve supplier in UAE. We supply high-quality valves to a wide range of industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and Khor Fakkan. 

Control valves are devices used to manage fluid flow by adjusting the opening or closing of a valve in response to external signals, such as pressure or temperature changes. It help maintain precise control over fluid parameters within industrial systems.


lControl Valves for Precise Flow Control: our control valves are designed to provide accurate and efficient flow control. Whether you need to regulate liquid flow or gas flow, our control valves offer exceptional precision and reliability. With our extensive range of control valves, you can achieve the exact control you require for your industrial processes.

lPressure Regulators to Maintain Optimal Pressures:  is crucial to maintain the stability and safety of your industrial processes. Our pressure regulators are designed to ensure that pressure fluctuations are kept within acceptable limits. With our top-of-the-line pressure regulator solutions, you can maintain consistent pressure levels, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of your systems.

Middleeast Valve is a reputed Control valve supplier in UAE and are used to manage the flow of fluids in response to signals from process control systems, which measure the relevant variables and send commands to the valve to adjust its position accordingly. With a focus on quality and precision, we are the go-to choice for industries seeking reliable control valve solutions.


Available Materials: Ductile Iron Control Valve, Cast iron Control Valve(WCB, WCC, WC6)  LCC, LCB, Stainless Steel (SS316, SS304),  Super Duplex (F51, F53, F55)

Class: 150 to 2500

Nominal Pressure: PN10 to PN450

Medium: Air, Water, Chemical, Steam, Oil

Operations: Electric actuated and Pneumatic actuated

Size: 1/2”- 24”

Ends: Flanged, butt weld, socket weld, threaded

Electric actuator details:

  • Torque – 3 – 9 nm
  • Operating pressure- 8 Bar
  • Port Connection-NPT1.4”
  • Mounting Base-ISO5211
  • oTemperature–20°C – +80°C

Configuration of a Pneumatic Actuator:

Ø4-20 amp

ØPneumatic single acting actuators

ØPneumatic double acting actuators

ØPneumatic rotary actuators

ØPneumatic Scotch and Yoke actuators

ØPressure: 228 bar


lStandard -4°F to 200°F (-20°C to 93°C)

lLow -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)

lHigh 0°F to 300°F (-18°C to 149°C)

 Control valve types:

ØThree way control valve

ØCage type control valve

ØDouble seat control valve

ØO type shutoff control valve

ØSingle Seat control valve

ØWater Control valve

ØGlobe Control valve

ØAngle type control valve  

Control valve industries:

ØOil and Gas Industry

ØPipeline Industry

ØMarine Industry

ØPower Industry

ØNuclear Industry

ØMining Industry

ØChemical Industry

ØPetrochemical Industry

ØSteam Services Industry

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