Creative Uses for Leftover Flower Petals and Stems

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Have you ever bought a beautiful bouquet, but weren’t quite sure what to do with the leftover petals and stems after the blooms fade? Well, don’t throw them away! There are a lot of creative ways you can reuse flower parts to make your home more beautiful, or give handmade gifts to friends. Here are a few:

Press Flowers in Books

If you have favorite flowers you don’t want to fully dry out, you can press them in books instead to keep their flat shape. Grab some blank pages from an old notebook and use them as bookmarks in heavy books stacked on top of the flowers. Change the pages every few days and within a week or two the flowers will be flattened out while keeping most of their color. You can then glue or tape them into cards, posters, or scrapbooks. Much cooler than photos if you ask me!


Make Flower Soap

This one is kind of science but also neat. You mash up dried or fresh flower petals in a mortar and pestle until they’re powder, then stir the powder into melted glycerin soap as it’s cooling. The flowers give the soap a nice soft scent. Rose, lavender, and chamomile are among the most fragrant flowers to use. After a few weeks of curing, you’ve got homemade floral soaps! Many flower shops in Franklin NC and other parts of the world often do this too.


Infuse Vinegar with Stems and Leaves

Bring out the flavor in basic white vinegar by steeping herb stems and leaves in it for a few weeks. Rosemary, thyme, sage, and dill pair great with chicken or veggies. You can use infused vinegar for cooking or as a natural cleaner around the house. Just place stems in a sterilized mason jar, cover with vinegar, then cap and shake once a day. The longer they steep the stronger the flavor gets. Super easy way to upcycle flower stalks!


DIY Potpourri

Take trimmings from all different flowers, along with any fragrant herbs or dried citrus peels you have around, and combine them in a bowl. Then drizzle with a few tablespoons of olive oil or almond oil until everything is lightly coated. Thoroughly mixing the ingredients releases their natural scents. Store the fragrant potpourri in an airtight jar and open it now and then to fill the air with the lovely aroma. Great for hiding stinky shoes too! You can also display it in pretty bowls around the house.


Natural Flower Crown

Okay, we know flower crowns are kind of babyish but they’re fun to make and look so pretty in photos or worn to outdoor parties. Take long-stemmed flowers like baby’s breath or greenery from a nearby Salisbury NC florist, lay them out in a circle shape slightly overlapping, then use florist tape or thin wire to wrap and secure them together. The tape is nearly invisible so it looks like the crown was magically formed by woodland fairies.


Thank You Cards and Artwork

Flower crafts are perfect for homemade gifts on a budget. Cut petals into shapes with scissors and glue them onto cards for birthdays or thank-you notes. You can also press full blooms between wax paper and flatten them with heavy books, then glue the imprints onto canvas or paper to make wall art. It adds a nice natural touch and lets the recipient know you put thought into their present. 

The next time you buy flowers, save those extras and see what fun projects you and your family can come up with. Your home will be more beautiful, your food and drinks more flavorful, and you’ll feel good about reducing waste.

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