Delta Dental PPO: Managing Impacted Wisdom Teeth For A Healthy Smile

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Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last set of molars that typically emerge in a person’s late teens or early twenties. While some people may experience trouble-free eruption of their wisdom teeth, many others encounter problems due to impacted wisdom teeth. Delta Dental PPO, a renowned dental insurance provider, plays a crucial role in assisting individuals in managing the challenges posed by impacted wisdom teeth. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the causes, symptoms, treatment options, and how Delta Dental PPO can help you maintain a healthy smile when dealing with impacted wisdom teeth.

Understanding Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth occur when there isn’t enough space in the jaw for these third molars to emerge properly. This results in various complications, including pain, swelling, and potential damage to adjacent teeth. The main reasons behind impacted wisdom teeth are:

  1. Lack of Space: The most common cause of impacted wisdom teeth is a lack of adequate space in the jaw. As our jaws have evolved to become smaller over time, wisdom teeth often don’t have enough room to emerge properly.
  2. Angle of Eruption: Sometimes, wisdom teeth grow at an angle instead of vertically. This can cause them to become stuck or impacted, leading to discomfort and potential dental problems.
  3. Late Development: Wisdom teeth typically emerge during late adolescence or early adulthood, which can coincide with other dental issues. This timing can further complicate the eruption process.

Symptoms Of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Identifying the symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth is crucial for early intervention and prevention of complications. Common symptoms include:

  1. Pain and Discomfort: Persistent pain or discomfort in the back of the mouth, often radiating to the ear or throat, is a primary symptom.
  2. Swelling and Redness: Swelling and redness in the gum tissue around the wisdom tooth can indicate an issue.
  3. Difficulty Opening Mouth: Impacted wisdom teeth can restrict jaw movement, making it difficult to open the mouth fully.
  4. Bad Breath and Taste: Infection and inflammation around impacted wisdom teeth can lead to bad breath and an unpleasant taste in the mouth.
  5. Headaches and Jaw Aches: The discomfort associated with impacted wisdom teeth can cause headaches and jaw aches.

Treatment Options For Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is crucial to seek professional dental care. Dental professionals may recommend various treatment options depending on the severity of the impaction:

  1. Observation: In some cases, impacted wisdom teeth may be monitored through regular dental check-ups to ensure they do not cause any problems. This approach is suitable when the wisdom teeth are not causing immediate issues.
  2. Extraction: The most common treatment for impacted wisdom teeth is extraction. The dentist or oral surgeon will remove the impacted tooth to alleviate pain and prevent future complications. Delta Dental PPO can help cover the costs of wisdom tooth extraction, making the procedure more affordable for policyholders.
  3. Surgical Extraction: For more complex cases, where the wisdom tooth is deeply impacted or has not fully erupted, surgical extraction may be necessary. This involves making an incision in the gum to access and remove the tooth.
  4. Antibiotics: In cases where infection has developed around an impacted wisdom tooth, a course of antibiotics may be prescribed to clear the infection before proceeding with extraction.
  5. Pain Management: Dental professionals may recommend over-the-counter or prescription pain medications to manage the discomfort associated with impacted wisdom teeth.

How Delta Dental Ppo Can Assist

Delta Dental PPO is a leading dental insurance provider that offers a wide range of benefits to its policyholders, including coverage for wisdom tooth extraction and related procedures. Here’s how Delta Dental PPO can assist individuals dealing with impacted wisdom teeth:

  1. Cost Savings: Delta Dental PPO offers cost-effective dental coverage, which can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket expenses associated with wisdom tooth extraction. Policyholders can benefit from substantial discounts when they choose in-network providers.
  2. Extensive Network: Delta Dental PPO has an extensive network of dentists and oral surgeons, making it easier for policyholders to find a qualified professional for wisdom tooth extraction or other dental procedures.
  3. Preventive Care: Delta Dental PPO places a strong emphasis on preventive dental care, which includes regular check-ups and cleanings. Early detection of impacted wisdom teeth can lead to more manageable treatment options.
  4. Customizable Plans: Delta Dental PPO offers a variety of dental insurance plans, allowing individuals to select coverage that suits their specific needs and budget. This flexibility ensures that policyholders can access the care they require when dealing with impacted wisdom teeth.
  5. Online Tools and Resources: Delta Dental PPO provides online tools and resources to help policyholders find participating dentists, understand their benefits, and manage their dental health effectively.

Preventing Impacted Wisdom Teeth

While some factors leading to impacted wisdom teeth are beyond an individual’s control, there are steps one can take to reduce the risk of complications:

  1. Regular Dental Check-ups: Routine dental check-ups can help detect potential issues with wisdom teeth early on, allowing for proactive management.
  2. Monitoring Growth: Dental professionals may use X-rays to monitor the growth and position of wisdom teeth. This can help determine if extraction is necessary before complications arise.
  3. Maintaining Oral Hygiene: Good oral hygiene practices, such as regular brushing and flossing, can help prevent infection and inflammation around wisdom teeth.


Dealing with impacted wisdom teeth can be a painful and frustrating experience. However, with the right knowledge, early intervention, and the assistance of a trusted dental insurance provider like Delta Dental PPO, individuals can manage these issues effectively. By understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for impacted wisdom teeth, as well as the benefits of dental coverage, individuals can take proactive steps to ensure a healthy and pain-free smile for years to come. Delta Dental PPO’s commitment to providing cost-effective dental care and access to a vast network of dental professionals makes it a valuable ally in the journey towards better oral health.

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