Designing Juice Brand Packaging and Marketing Graphics

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We hope that sharing the news of our vibrant, new graphic design project will brighten your day. Now is your chance to peruse the initial juice brand packaging and promotional graphics developed by the tubik team as part of their overarching visual identity concept. Embrace the energy and enjoy yourself!

Under Sergii Valiukh’s art direction, tubik designers Roma Chornyi and Yaroslava Yatsuba completed the project.

The following artistic endeavors were a part of the juice brand identity project’s design process:

a logo, a color scheme for the brand, a standard set of illustrations, packaging designs for various juice flavors, and other marketing and advertising materials
At every touchpoint with the consumer, the brand aims to convey the idea that its products bring joy and vitality into people’s lives by reflecting the idea of juice, which is said to make people’s lives more vibrant, healthy, and energetic.

The brand’s logo is an imaginative wordmark that uses a clean, simple sans-serif font and plays with the shape of the double o to make a unique and memorable symbol. Drawing color inspiration from a rainbow of fruits and berries, the brand’s color palette is lively and multi-colored.


The team working on the brand’s visual identity and packaging design settled on a style that included a collection of humorous geometric illustrations; these characters would serve to bring together the many forms of visual brand communication with the consumer. In order to make various identity items and settings function well, the illustrator created a versatile system of characters and graphic components. Juice bottles and cartons are the objects that this process targets.

Street signs, colorful posters, and billboards for both indoor and outdoor advertising were all part of the expanded set of marketing graphics that used the same approach.

Additional elements of the visual identity system include the following: the stylistic template for a landing page section and the transformation of illustrations into a set of humorous stickers.

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