Flower Care Hacks for Busy People on the Go

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Many people love having fresh flowers in their homes and offices, but taking good care of them can seem time-consuming. However, with some simple flower care hacks, even super-busy folks can enjoy gorgeous blooms! In this post, we will share some tips and tricks for keeping your flowers fabulous while you are out and about living life.

Use the Right Vase

Having the correct container for your flowers makes a big difference. Tall, narrow openings help flowers take in more water. Wide-mouthed vases allow more evaporation which causes flowers to wilt faster. So opt for slim stemmed vases when buying from a local Newaygo MI flower shop. Also, make sure vases are clean before putting flowers in them to avoid bacteria buildup.

Recut Stems

When you first bring home flowers, cut 1-2 inches off the stems while holding them at an angle. This allows more water intake since it opens up the stem instead of crushing it. Then, every couple of days, trim another inch or so to keep them drinking well. Use sharp scissors or a knife for clean cuts.

Add Special Ingredients

There are some simple ingredients you can add to flower water to make blooms last longer. A few options are:

  • Lemon or Lime Juice – Adds acidity to water which helps petals stay vibrant
  • Pennies – Copper acts as a natural flower food and deters stem-clogging bacteria
  • Aspirin – Has disease-fighting properties to nourish plants
  • Just mix a few teaspoons or tablets of these into the vase water along with the flowers.

Use Floral Food

Pick up some commercial floral preservative powder at your local grocery store or
Newaygo florist mi. Just a small spoonful mixed into the water acts as a fertilizer, fights bacteria, and keeps flowers nourished. Swap out water and add fresh floral food every 2-3 days.

Choose Hardy Varieties

Some species of flowers simply last longer than others. If you want low-maintenance blooms, go for these sturdy options:

  • Alstroemeria

  • Chrysanthemums

  • Gerbera Daisies

  • Carnations

  • Dendrobium Orchids

Stay away from super delicate flowers like sweet peas or ranunculus if you don’t have much time for upkeep.

Give Them a Drink

If you know you’ll be out of the house all day, help your flowers out by giving them an extra drink before you leave in the morning. Top off the water level in their vase so they have plenty of hydration.

Display out of Sun

Direct sunlight streaming onto flowers can actually overheat and damage delicate petals and leaves. So find a nice bright spot for your vase away from intense light. Near a window is good, just not in it.

Mist Them

Here’s a mini hack if flowers start drooping a bit – mist them with water! A little spritz perks up limp blooms and gives them a small dose of moisture. Keep a tiny plant mister by your flowers and spray them if they look thirsty.

Keeping flowers looking their best while juggling a busy lifestyle can definitely be challenging. However, by putting some of these handy flower care hacks to use, anyone can enjoy gorgeous, long-lasting blooms, even with a packed schedule. 

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