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After a divorce, each spouse has the right to an equitable distribution of marital assets owned by them.
However, calculating the assets and debts of marital estates can be a daunting task. When high net-worth assets are involved, you must hire an experienced high-asset divorce attorney in Orange County to evaluate complex financial properties.
At Jos Family Law, we specialize in detailed analysis of community properties and help clients resolve their asset division disputes. We have the financial acumen, as well as access to forensic accountants who provide proper valuations and detect any errors on various assets.
Thorough Evaluation of Marital Estates
When it comes to asset valuation, a thorough review is required to avoid future disputes and to ensure that each spouse gets their fair share. Our high-asset divorce attorney in Orange County considers the following assets for valuation:
●    Primary and secondary residence
●    Business valuations
●    Real estate investments
●    Stocks
●    Bonds and other investments
●    401(k)a, IRAs, pensions, and retirement accounts
●    Automobiles and boats
●    Jewelry
Take Advantage of our Award-winning Experience
We specialize in complex and high-stake divorces. We have a deep understanding of the law and bring expertise to the table while protecting our client’s interests. When a favorable outcome cannot be reached amicably by the spouses, our high-asset divorce attorneys know how to build a winning case.
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