How to make your custom packaging boxes more protective?

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Gone are the days when customers would pay attention to the quality of the product they purchase. These days, the advertising industry has taken the industry to the next level, and now people need much more than merely a product. They also consider the packaging of the product, and this is the reason brands have not started to give more attention to the packaging also. 


There is now a huge variety of packaging solutions available than ever before. This is due to the fierce competition which is increasing every passing day. Businesses have understood that they can’t survive if they don’t meet the packaging needs of the consumers. Therefore, custom packaging boxes are considered the best solution. 


Why do you need a protective custom box?

Brands selling a variety of fragile items often face the problem when they have to ship those items. Therefore, they take these boxes as a solution to most of their problems. However, it is looks very easy and convenient to choose a custom box and then put items for sale in them but it is not as easy as it seems to be. Stock packaging does provide lots of safety, but it is never considered because of its basic look. In addition to providing protection, they also increase brand awareness and also develop a strong relationship between a brand and its customers. 


Some brands sell very expensive products. They cannot afford to ship them a long distance without ensuring that they have been protected while packing. So, these companies find the use of boxes to be inevitable 


How can a safer packaging box be achieved?

Since it has become a major matter of concern for most companies to protect their products, they are always in search of the techniques that can help them get a shielded casing that keeps the product intact when it is taken from source to destination. Below are some tips to follow to get custom packaging boxes that guard the product housed inside them appropriately:


Try different types of materials:

With the advancement in technology, lots of such materials have been launched in the market that promise the safety of the product encased in them. Traditionally, such materials are used that provide cushioning to the product, such as Styrofoam. However, no one works to prevent the product from sliding in the box from one side to another. 


Styrofoam and bubble sheets are not old methods of packaging, and now they are being replaced by new materials which have been created with a blend of various polymers that can act as the best shock absorber. Instead of using the box which is made with a single type of polymer, choosing a blend of multiple polymers can be very effective


It has been seen that traditional Styrofoam boxes don’t provide as much shield as new materials being introduced now and then. So, a brand that needs added protection should go with some new materials. Many such sellers are producing materials on demand 


Always choose sustainability over everything:

Biodegradable and sustainable materials are very common these days. They are not only good for the environment, but they also provide enough sturdiness to the packaging that the product remains intact and moves to the directed address without any harm. The satisfaction of the consumer at the receiving end also increases when the product received is in its best shape and form  


Sustainable products are made from a material that is free from chemicals and are very easy to recycle. Corrugated boxes are environment-friendly boxes that serve the purpose. In addition, the brand impresses the consumer with the quality of packaging it chooses and the preference it has. It is not too expensive to have biodegradable material. Custom wholesale boxes can be purchased at affordable rates.  


Add layers:

One of the most common strategies for packaging that are implemented by brands selling delicate merchandise is to add an extra layer to the casing in which they are packed. Adding to the primary, secondary, and additional layers adds more safety, and there are very few chances for a product to get damaged when such kind of layering technique is used. 


Usually, brands prefer using different kinds of materials for each layering. The cardboard material is used as the inside layer, and the outer layer is made according to what a product needs. It is generally confirmed that no matter which packaging style is chosen, the box should never collapse upon pressure as it will be an indication that the packaging is weak and that it cannot keep the item inside it safe. Packaging boxes wholesale are cheap and best to be used when more layers are to be added, but the cost draws concerns 


Don’t add too many labels on the box:


There are many such products that one needs to handle cautiously. The receiver might not be aware of this fact, and therefore, brands add labels on which they mention how the unboxing should be done and what precautionary measures should be taken. Some companies use so many labels on their custom packaging boxes that it becomes hard for the receiver to read all of them one by one before unboxing the box. So, they often ignore important instructions, which are never good.  

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