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A Standby Letter Of Credit is a bank guarantee that a bank makes for their clients ensuring that the payment will be done when their clients can’t accomplish the agreement. It is the payment of the last recourse from the bank and is not used.

Working of SBLC in cross-border trade

When goods are sold to any counterparty in a different country, they can also use SBLC to make sure their seller is paid. But when there is non-payment, the seller gives the SBLC to the buyer’s bank for giving the payment. A performance SBLC ensures that the measures that surround the trade like the suitability and quality of goods are properly met. Sometimes SBLCs are also seen in construction contracts as the build should fulfill several quality and time specifications.

In the case when a contractor does not fulfill any of these specifications, there is no requirement to prove loss or have any long protracted negotiations. Here the SBLC is given to the bank and the payment is done.

Then there is collateral transfer which means a company that is looking for credit facilities can get an SBLC lease. A leased SBLC is given by the private business lenders to the beneficiary and they sign a collateral transfer agreement. SBLC lease is usually for one year. Here the benefit will offer the provider a fee and this is called collateral transfer fee.

SBLC monetization providers are the SBLC monetizers having good bonds with many top banks across the world for monetizing standby letters of credit for clients across the world. They will arrange and help clients for monetizing the standby letter of credit by good banks. The bank guarantees monetization arrangement problems non-recourse funds to the clients in a short time after the SBLC is given to the monetizer.

Choose an SBLC monetizer provider that provides the best LTV rate in the industry and should provide SBLC by some of the top-rated banks like HSBC Hong Kong, New York, Credit Suisse, etc.


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