Natural Agents and Elements That Cause Windshield Crack and Why to Opt for Windshield Repair in Tulsa

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The front windshield plays a crucial role in providing structural integrity and functionality to your cars besides highlighting its essential role in ensuring safety. While minor damages caused to the windshields are repairable, major ones can force you to get a windshield replacement. Windshields are an essential part of your car, and any damage caused to it can be pretty heartbreaking and expensive at the same time. 


And, what’s more surprising is that the windshields not only crack when you encounter an accident or mishap, it can also occur due to natural agents and external elements. But, whatever the case, you should never overlook such windshield damages and opt for repair at the earliest to prevent the cracks from becoming significant and more prominent. Also, there is a possibility that it may turn out impossible to get the repairs done with the only option left, which is windshield replacement. Want to know the natural agents that can cause windshield damage and why you should repair it without any delay? Read on to find out more: 

Gravel roads


Dirt, debris, and gravel are a common sight on roads, which in itself can make your cars dirty and dusty. But, what’s worse than that is that such debris and gravel pieces can fly and even damage your windshields. Yes, you have heard that right! While you drive on gravel roads, the gravel pieces and other stones may fly up and land down on your windshields, initiating a crack on the surface. Thus, while you drive on such roads, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles traveling on the same road, and skip unpaved roads if possible.  Opting to steer clear of road conditions that pose a risk to your windshield is the safest and most convenient choice.

Exposure to Sunlight


We all enjoy sitting under the sun on cold and breezy mornings, but it is not the same case with your cars. Parking your cars under the sun for long hours can result in windshield cracks. The heat emitted from the sun can cause the edges of the windshield glass to expand at a faster pace compared to the glass at the center. As a result, the windshields may crack and force you to opt for replacement or windshield repair in Tulsa, incurring additional expenses. Thus, make sure that you park your cars under the shade and do not leave them under direct sunlight for long hours. 

Hail Storms


If you live in a city that is extremely cold and witnesses high-end chilly winters, then storms and hail are a common sight. While you may enjoy such a sight sitting inside your homes, this may cause extreme pressure and damage to your cars. Hail stones that hit your car windshields can result in cracks and chips as they hit the car surface with great force and pressure when parked. The same is the case when you are driving during hailstorms; the hailstones can hit your car windshields with great speed and tamper the windshields. 

Thus, make sure that you drive at a slow speed or stop until the hail storm subsides to prevent such a loss. On the contrary, if your car is kept parked at your house, make sure you park your car inside a garage or under proper shade to prevent such hail storm damage on your windshields. 

Temperature changes


Sudden fluctuations in temperature and extreme temperatures can also cause cracks in your glass windshields. Such temperature changes can end up in stress and strain on the windshields resulting in enlarged cracks. So, beware of the temperature conditions where you reside and avoid parking under the sun to prevent any kind of windshield damage. 

Pressure changes


Just like temperature fluctuations, changes in pressure can also result in cracks and chips on car windshields. Such damages occur when you drive your car at high speeds, from objects pressing against the car’s windshield and even due to nearby car explosions. 



These are a few reasons why natural elements can cause a crack in your car windshields. Car windshields, besides acting as a protective barrier for everyone occupying the car, also provide structural integrity to your car. Hence it is mandatory that you keep your car windshields in good shape and good health. So, if you are unlucky enough to witness any such mishaps with your car windshield due to natural elements, make sure that you do not leave it unattended and seek the services of windshield repair in Tulsa and get them replaced or repaired at the earliest before you get behind the wheels again! You can also get in touch with a professional windshield repair mechanic to evaluate the damage thoroughly and receive advice for appropriate steps for repairs.

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