Post-Graduation Pathways: Working & Settling in Canada After Your Studies

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This article examines the opportunities for students to work and potentially immigrate to Canada after graduation.

Introduction: Briefly discuss the Postgraduate Work Permit (PGWP) program and its benefits for international students seeking Canadian work experience.

Recruitment strategies: Provide advice on creating a strong resume for the Canadian job market, emphasizing relevant skills and experience. Briefly discuss how overseas education consultants in Kerala can provide resume writing or career counseling services based on the Canadian context.

Take advantage of career resources: Discuss on-campus job opportunities, alumni networks and online job boards that can help students find job opportunities in Canada. Briefly discuss how study abroad advisors can connect students with relevant career resources or mock interviews.

Immigration Information: Provide general information about the Canadian immigration process and the various permanent access options after work experience. Briefly mention that study abroad advisers can provide guidance on navigating immigration resources or connecting with immigration advisers.

Building a life in Canada: Discuss aspects of living in Canada, such as finding an apartment, opening a bank account, and finding health care. Briefly discuss how study abroad advisors can connect students with resources or workshops to help them adjust to life in Canada.

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