Protect your Children’s Rights with the Best Child Support Attorney in Orange County

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Child support is necessary but complicated. If you’re going through a divorce, the question of child support may arise, and it’s not unusual to find yourself conflicting with the person you need to pay or receive child support.


The California Family Code lays down the basic duty of both parents to support their children in a manner that’s suitable to the child. As a parent, it can be really difficult to know your rights.


As the leading child support attorney in Orange County, Jos Family Law is here to help you navigate the complex legal system and enforce your parental rights. We can help recover money from your spouse to cover all costs of raising your children. In California, various factors come into play like income of the spouses, living standard before divorce, number of children, etc.


Why is Child Support Crucial?

Section 3900 of the California Family Code states that it’s the basic duty of both parents to provide financial support to their children. Many families going through a divorce view child support as a necessity, but often they have no idea how it’ll work out.


Child support laws are just there to level the playing field so that the primary custodian has all the financial help they can get to raise their children. Our child support attorney Orange County recommends a child custody arrangement that involves child support from the other party. Families often face tough decisions, but paying child support is one step towards resolving those disputes.


Our child support attorney Orange County can determine the best possible arrangement that maintains your child’s living standards and meets all their needs today and into the future. Call 714-733-7066 for a free consultation with our attorneys.


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