Rose Day 2024: Date, Significance and Meanings of Each Colour Rose!

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Valentine’s Day isn’t a one-day event to put it precisely. Rather, it is a week-long carnival of love and romance. It has become a festival of love for the matter. It is the perfect time to express the feelings of love in the most special manner. As the name suggests, it is the day when people gift roses to their lover and loved ones. Rose Day is the first day of the Valentine’s week and it is celebrated on the 7th of February every year. On this day, roses are in high demand to say the least. Among the different Rose Day gifts, roses need to be there for the matter. The magical aspect about roses is that each colour stands for a different sentiment. Each colour rose has a different meaning and it is truly interesting to delve into the details.


Rose Day opens the door for romance and the week-long extravaganza of love to put it precisely. It being the first day of the Valentine’s Day, need to be celebrated in the grandest of manner. Roses are known for their magical aesthetics and symbolize love and devotion in the purest form. It is during the Valentine’s week that the market has some of the rarest varieties of roses. These roses are especially offered during this special season of love and romance for the matter. When it is about the expression of love, people tend to associate it with red roses. The red rose is considered as the epitome of true love for the matter. However, there are other colours that hold special meaning and significance for the matter. Interested to know more? Well, read on…

Roses and Their Meanings

Red Roses:

Red roses are the ultimate flowers of romance. It is perfect for the romantic dates and special occasions. The red rose is the eternal flower for all your ‘’I love you’’ confessions for the matter. If you are looking to express love to your partner, this is the best flower to convey your emotions.

White Roses:

White roses stand for new beginnings for the matter. It is mainly the reason why white roses are an essential part of the décor in marriage ceremonies. White rose signifies love, respect and hope. You can gift a white rose to your loved one or a friend to honour their friendship. It can also be gifted to someone in the endeavour to start a new journey with them.

Yellow Roses:

Yellow roses signify strong friendships. It is a universal symbol for warmth and friendship. It helps convey happiness and good vibes for the matter. It makes for great gifts for friends and can be gifted to celebrate friendship and strong bonds. You can also find yellow roses among lover’s day flowers to put it precisely.

Pink Roses:

Pink roses are common flowers that are popularly used in decorations. It is also used for gifting purposes to be precise. Pink roses help express gratitude and adoration for a person. It can be gifted to parents, friends, or the partner as an expression of thankfulness. Pink roses are majorly associated with femininity and elegance for the matter.

Blue Roses:

Blue roses have a mystic feel to put it precisely. It stands for attaining something that is majorly considered to be beyond reach for the matter. It isn’t a very common colour rose that you can find in the everyday markets. Blue roses help convey strong feelings of longing and sensitivity towards the other person.

There are other beautiful roses that are available in other vibrant colours like, peach, lavender, ivory etc. We have highlighted upon the popular picks that make it under the best Rose Day flowers online. Celebrate Rose Day with alluring and magical roses that come in gorgeous shades!

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