Scale your Small Business with the Cash Drawers from Master Distributors

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Cash drawers are essential components of many small and medium-sized businesses across the world. They are sturdy materials with diversified usage and are equipped with advanced technologies such as automatic locks, receipt printing, multiple slots, and integral peripherals that allow you to connect to POS systems.  

At Master Distributors, our range of cash drawers can achieve much more than organizing transactions and managing earnings for your business. The right cash drawer can be a real asset that can improve sales efficiency, upgrade customer experience, and help scale small businesses.  

Whether you need a manual cash drawer or an automatic one to print receipts and manage sale inventory, look no further than Master Distributors.  

Benefits of Cash Drawers 

●    Improves Efficiency

A cash drawer provides security against manual errors and theft and ensures correct calculations. This is especially beneficial for businesses with high-volume transactions. 

●    Saves Time

Your employees don’t have to calculate every transaction and exact change manually to the customer. A cash drawer connected to a POS system can record transactions and display the accurate payment and change.  

●    Improved Customer Service & Experience

A cash drawer improves the point of sale performance of your employees for faster customer checkouts that improves customer experience with your business.

●    Safe Storage

Cash drawers offer a secure storage space for different currencies and coins, large notes, and receipts and bills.  

Looking for the right cash drawer for your business? Get in touch with Master Distributors and find the right solution that enhances your business efficiency and customer servicing.  

Call 888-905-7008 or send an email to [email protected] to place an order or to learn more.

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