Significant Features of SAP ABAP

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ABAP is one of the significant modules of SAP and using it helps in implementing applications on the NetWeaver ABAP platform. Along with this, SAP customers can use the SAP ABAP program to modify the functionality of SAP applications. Developers use SAP ABAP to build the SAP R3 Platform. Along with this, SAP ABAP is highly popular and is easy to learn when it comes to programming. Using SAP ABAP allows users to choose from a variety of procedural and object-oriented programming. Furthermore, it helps in improving the SAP-based applications and allows users to create custom reports and interfaces. To learn more about it, one can visit SAP ABAP Training. Above all, it comes with numerous features some of which are as follows:

  • Logical database connections- These connections ensure that the codes can be easily abstracted from a specific database. Along with this, it configures the actual database connections and allows users to use the same code in multiple environments.
  • Open SQL- This is an abstraction of SQL syntax converted by the ABAP runtime environment. Furthermore, it has numerous similarities to Microsoft. NET’s Language Integrated Query (LINQ) concept.
  • Internal Tables- These internal tables consist of objects that are accessed using special language keywords or Open SQL. Along with this, it contrasts with the concept of typed arrays like in Java or C++.
  • Data Dictionary- This refers to a universal dictionary of data structure definitions. This feature consists of various kinds of business logic that are available to all ABAP programs in a system.
  • Change and Transport System (CTS)- This CTS system tracks the changes to development objects. Along with this, it manages the promotion of development objects to provide a great quality in the environment.
  • Shared development system- This important aspect of ABAP makes ABAP different from newer languages in that development. ABAP allows developers to work on the same set of development objects simultaneously.

Career Opportunities in SAP ABAP

SAP is the world’s leading ERP software tool and it provides an end-to-end information management solution for an enterprise. SAP ERP consists of various modules which are used by different departments of the enterprise. One such significant module of SAP is ABAP which stands for Advanced Business and Application Programming. ABAP is the programming language of SAP and programmers in it are responsible for implementing, developing, managing, and maintaining the ABAP programs. To start a career as an APAB programmer, it is necessary to have a creative mind along with a sound technical background.

There is wide career scope in the ABAP domain and learning this technology can offer you a great career boost. You will become a part of a great community and get a good pay scale. A career in ABAP is not just intellectually enriching but also professionally and financially rewarding in many terms. SAP is a globally used ERP software that offers more than 25 modules for managing business functions. ABAP is the programming language for SAP and it allows you to make modifications to the SAP application as per user requirements.

Learning SAP ABAP gives you the flexibility to modify the SAP applications. Above all having ABAP certification will greatly improve your career prospects. SAP ABAP Certification Cost is 20,000 to 50,000 INR and gaining it can be very beneficial for your career. Below are some leading careers you can explore after learning SAP ABAP.

  • SAP ABAP Developer/Expert
  • ABAP Consultant
  • S/4HANA Developer
  • S/4HANA Consultant
  • SAP Application Engineer
  • SAP Analyst

Salary in SAP ABAP Domain

SAP ABAP has been around for a few decades and many companies use it to manage SAP applications. In addition, it is an object-oriented programming language and offers numerous frameworks for integration with these other languages. Learning SAP ABAP offers you many high-paying job opportunities all across the globe. Below is an estimation of the salary you can get for specific job roles after completing the SAP ABAP training.

  • SAP ABAP Developers get INR 5lakh per year
  • ABAP Developers at SAP get INR 8-10lakh per year
  • SAP ABAP Consultants get INR 4-7lakh per year
  • Senior ABAP Developer get INR 10-20lakh per year
  • SAP HANA Consultant get INR 6lakh per year
  • SAP Application Engineer get INR 8lakh per year



One of the important SAP modules, APAB facilitates the implementation of applications on the NetWeaver ABAP platform. SAP ABAP is used by developers to create the SAP R3 Platform. In addition, when it comes to programming, SAP ABAP is quite popular and simple to learn. Developers can work simultaneously on the same set of development objects with ABAP. You can change the SAP applications with greater flexibility if you learn SAP ABAP. Many businesses utilize SAP ABAP, which has been around for a few decades, to manage their SAP applications. In conclusion, learning SAP ABAP offers you many high-paying job opportunities all across the globe.

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