Simplify Computer Lab License Management with LabStats

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LabStats’ computer lab license management tool allows you to track and document software usage across campus. IT department heads can now track and evaluate how software is being used by students and staff and ensure that all compliances are duly met.


With this strategy, universities and colleges can cut down on unused software and renegotiate license renewals to better serve student demands.


Benefits of Software License Management

LabStats has a built-in computer lab license management tool that informs admins on how software is used and where it needs to be. Moreover, educational institutions need to abide by the terms and conditions of each software license to optimize usage. But with so many applications across campus, it can be difficult to narrow down on each of them.


With LabStats, you can:


●    Reduce Costs, Boost Profit

With so many software, it can be difficult to track by whom and when they’re being used. Our license management tool gives you a clear picture of licenses and entitlements and how they’re being used within your institution.


Lab managers can identify the software that has less usage or isn’t being used at all. Our tool helps you to reevaluate, reallocate, and renegotiate parts of license agreements to reduce costs and increase profits.


●    Ensure Compliance

Software license management tools help companies comply with license agreements. Using software as per the allowed usage is vital for all users, to keep them safe against non-compliance in case of software audits. Such a scenario may invite fines and other risks.


With LabStats, you can easily automate software license management in a user-friendly way.


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