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Sandblasting can be described as a metal finishing process that involves the spraying of abrasive particles on an exposed surface to clean, reshape, or change the textural element of a metal component. It’s also done to prepare casings for external paint finishes. However, you need trained professionals with the right equipment and a controlled environment to carry out sandblasting effectively.

 Businesses looking for the best sandblasting services near me can trust Rusty Lions. We offer media blasting on various components to alter textures, ranging from smooth to rough. Choose from various media particles in varying materials and sizes to get the specific outcome that you want. Depending upon the application, we use pressurized air, water, or a mechanical force for flawless sandblasting services.

 What is Sandblasting Used for?

Sandblasting is a process where abrasive sand particles are projected at high velocities and under high pressure onto a surface. It’s used for:

 ●    Removing rust and corrosion

Breathe new life into your metal components by removing rust and corrosion.

 ●    Eliminates dust and surface imperfections

Surface imperfections can dampen the aesthetics of your metal components. Sandblasting can remove dust and all surface imperfections.

 ●    Removing Old Paint

For components that need a new paint or powder coating job, sandblasting is used to remove any old residual paint to expose the underlying layer of metal.

 ●    Pretreatment

Sandblasting is also used before custom powder coating jobs as a means to prepare the surface.

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At Rusty Lions, we offer a wide range of sandblasting services. Choose from sandblasting, glass media blasting, shot media blasting, and more without the use of chemicals.

 Call 347-613-8103 for the best sandblasting services in NJ.


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