The Role of Tax Attorneys in IRS Audits: Protecting Your Rights and Interests

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Facing an IRS audit is an overwhelming experience, and for businesses, in most cases, it’s a situation that they always want to avoid. A person who has been selected for audit needs to go through legal proceedings and needs to defend themselves from any accusation.

It has, therefore, become essential for a person to understand the rights and legal protection that the government provides an individual when they are facing these situations and to defend themselves properly with dignity.

In this blog, we will understand the role of an attorney who can help a person protect their rights and interests whenever an audit trail happens against that person’s income profile or business.

1.      Understanding IRS Audits

An IRS audit happens when the tax authority finds any irregularities in the tax reported and the actual income or due to some regular field audits to check whether a business entity is maintaining the compliance standards set by the government or not.

In any of these cases, one can find that they need to know about their basic laws and rights, which will ensure that the promoter of a firm is protected and must not be accused of any discrepancies. Here, a business can hire the best IRS lawyers who will look after the interests of the firm and will ensure that all the documents are presented properly.

There are different types of audits; for example, the authority can visit an office for a correspondence audit where they want to meet certain people, and through that, they try to find the answers where discrepancies are found.

2.      Legal Representation

When a person is running a business, they must have legal representation, and through that, they can defend any obligations that others are throwing at the company or a business. Here, a legal representative can offer a variety of advantages to the company.

A qualified professional who has legal expertise can help their client in case of an audit as they clearly know the rights of the person and thus can protect that individual and assure them of providing a customary service until the allegation proves right.

3.      Responding to IRS Inquiries

A person must follow the prescribed steps when they are giving a reply to the IRS inquiry. It is through the use of relevant documents and by showcasing evidence that a person must choose a way to defend themselves against any allegations, such as tax evasions or something that can harm the reputation of the business.

A tax attorney from Orange County or another prominent location can help their clients in these matters, build a solid defense against the acquisition, and protect the client’s interests.

4.      Appealing IRS Decisions

A legal advisor can understand the nuances of the case and, based on that, advise the client about the legal proceedings. Here, a tax attorney can present a legal argument that can nullify the case and lower certain penalties if it’s charged against the client.

Through these measures, the tax attorney can advocate the client’s interest in the courtroom and defend their stances.

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