The Self Sabotage Dating Quiz

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self sabotage dating quiz
Do you sense like you’re on a dating or marriage treadmill in which you’re attracting men who wound you? Where you get unhappy in excess of and around once more in the similar aged way? Here’s my Self Sabotage Relationship Quiz to assistance you have a breakthrough in your appreciate daily life.

A self sabotage dating pattern will sneak up on you, normally when you the very least anticipate it.  Even although you vowed that you have learned your lesson and will in no way be cheated on, left, or heartbroken by the exact same style of guy yet again.  In truth, you do wind up in the same heartbreaking condition yet again. This repetitive conduct will come from a top secret self-sabotage that ruins any probability of long lasting passionate appreciate.

The Self Sabotage Dating Quiz: The 5 Key Types

What is guiding the self-sabotage? Your unconscious brain. And it tends to be most drawn to the kinds of companions and marriage situations you’re utilized to. This is a natural procedure that normally stems from your childhood encounters and early interactions. Your unconscious gravitates to what is most acquainted and feels ideal. These are the guys you will are likely to sense the most attraction with from the start. The dilemma is…

What is most common to you could not be suitable for you or even compatible with you in the extended run. What feels right is not necessarily right.

So I connect with these unconscious behaviors the Self Sabotage Courting Designs. In my e book, Love in 90 Times, I’ve recognized 13 primary patterns that lead to heartbreak above and around yet again. For now, we’re going to zone in on the five most important types. When you realize your possess conduct, you will not have to repeat it.

The Self Sabotage Relationship Designs Quiz: Figure out your Pattern(s)

Team A. Response the pursuing concerns. Do you:

  1. Act in perfectionistic & picky means when it arrives to adult males?
  2. Usually have one-night stands?
  3. Fantasize & drop for men who are unavailable and out of achieve?
  4. Often get attracted to a nerdy man when one more female is flirty with him.
  5. Obtain oneself obtaining swept up in speedy-shifting associations?


Team B. Respond to the subsequent questions.

When it arrives to guys:

  1. You are inclined to be additional conservative about your sexual pursuits & decision of a partner.
  2. Do you run absent from associations nearly just before they’ve started?
  3. You believe there is 1 wonderful love of your everyday living, a soul mate prince, and you are keeping out for him, not make any difference what the price.
  4. You could be ashamed to introduce your boyfriend to good friends or relatives.
  5. Do you truly feel like adult men go away the minute you give in to their pursuit?

The Self Sabotage Courting Quiz: Figure out your Lifeless-End Courting Sample(s)

Group C. Response the following thoughts

In wondering about your odds of obtaining a “happily-at any time-right after:”

  1. You assume you are entitled to the fairy tale and are picky, picky, picky.
  2. Ignore that! You are into no-strings-hooked up sexual intercourse & enjoyable.
  3. You get crumbs, even though they surface to be like lavish foods, from a semi-obtainable guy.
  4. Are pessimistic and do the very best you can with whoever demonstrates up & sticks with you.
  5. You hurry in, believing that the magical experience of love will conquer all.


Team D. Respond to the subsequent thoughts.

Your most significant heartbreak:

  1. Was that things didn’t function out with a male who seemed unquestionably perfect—you observed out he had a fatal flaw.
  2. What heartbreak? You have been also chaotic getting entertaining, specially in bed.
  3. Is ongoing—you have a relationship with an awesome man who simply cannot commit.
  4. You really don’t have seriously big heartbreaks. Which is for ladies who think only with their hearts.
  5. You felt like he tricked you — he pursued you really hard then disappeared.

Team E. Respond to the following issues.

A really intelligent male would completely appear via for you by:

  1. Creating variations so that you introduced a fantastic few impression to the earth.
  2. Hanging in there even though you tell him you never want a relationship and thrust him absent.
  3. Providing you a platinum marriage, finish with a to-die-for gown.
  4. Currently being sensible, valuable and a very good teammate.
  5. Definitely get to know you and no press for intercourse.

The Self Sabotage Courting Quiz: Tally your answers

Group A total answers:_________

Full B solutions:_________

Team c solutions:_________

Complete D answers:_________

Full E responses:_________


The Self Sabotage Relationship Quiz: Figure out Your Major Variety (s)

Generally a: Not Excellent, I’ll Move – You interact with a range of adult males and quickly back again out of looking at them because of many defects that every single a person has: this dude is far too cynical that a person has undesirable enamel the other does not have the right job.

Largely b: Chase Me – Nearly against your personal will, you come across by yourself operating away while secretly hoping he’ll chase immediately after you.

Mostly c: Crumbs – You are likely to get associated with adult men (maybe he’s married or a sizzling irresistible player) who see you at times and only when it will work in their program.

Primarily d: The Protection Net – You adhere with the man who is risk-free even though you really never like him that a great deal.

Mainly e: The Flame Out – He will come on powerful, says all the appropriate matters, then disappears the moment he wins you more than.


Try to remember, the self sabotage dating designs quiz reveals your unconscious behaviors. So, there is no disgrace in what you explore below!


The Self Sabotage Dating Patterns Quiz: Results Tale to Inspire YOU

Diane, who was caught in the Crumbs sample (Team C), chose to escape it wholly. She entered coaching with one particular of my mentors, got a new wardrobe, and threw out all her outdated clothes.  She started off putting on colorful dresses that confirmed off her hourglass figure. Diane suggests:

My mentor actually helped me study to expertise myself as higher-value and deserving in a way I by no means did before. This allowed me to finally come to be the 1 in cost of my love life!  I finished points with my on-yet again-off-all over again boyfriend, Larry.  And I commenced to really feel no cost and additional empowered.  Sorting out the guys who did not look into me was a obstacle at first, but then it obtained to be entertaining, like I was coming up with a dance card for a new me. I’m courting two distinctive adult males who seem to be crazy about me and I just met a third at the gym. I experience like a mini-Bachelorette!  And I am having a ball!

Just like Diane, you can break cost-free of your aged self-sabotaging designs and build a courting experience that is incredibly terrific in a entire new way! One particular that prospects to enjoy that satisfies the contacting of your heart.

I know you have much more queries on this topic. So get them answered in a one particular-on-a person session with a person of my incredible handpicked appreciate coaches.   Plan underneath as my reward to you.





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