These Poetry Prompts Have Kids Creating Spectacular Poetry

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I noticed a pal share a poem a university student wrote making use of a prompt from poet, novelist, and songwriter Joseph Fasano on Instagram the other working day.

Then an additional close friend shared a poem they’d developed with a single of his prompts.

Then anyone else I know shared just one of Fasano’s individual poems.

We really like that Fasano’s poetry is catching on like wildfire. His prompts are very simple, uncomplicated to use, and produce such wildly various tones and themes depending on the particular person completing the poem. You can see how helpful these prompts would be in constructing students’ self-confidence, particularly in an place like poetry where by a lot of college students come in shouting the “I cannot produce poetry” bash line.

For occasion, here’s a poetry prompt about grief Fasano posted:


I miss out on your odor of (noun).

I overlook your voice like (adjective) (noun).

I miss out on your arms like (adjective (noun) (verb)ing in the (noun).

But I know that living indicates (verb)ing.

And I want to reside. I want to (verb).

And you, (identify), I want you to be the (adjective) (noun).

Go, be the (repeat the adjective and noun from the previous line).

And here’s the stunning poem 9-calendar year-outdated Mason wrote in response about the passing of his beloved pet dog:

Here’s an additional prompt, only called My Poem:

MY POEM (Title)

My identify is (title).

Now I come to feel like a/an (adjective) (noun) (verb)ing in the (noun).

Occasionally I am a/an (noun).

At times I am a/an (noun).

But usually I am (adjective).

I question the entire world, “(issue)?”

And the remedy is

            a/an (repeat your words and phrases from line 2)

Fasano a short while ago shared this poem created by a Ukranian 10-year-previous, noting that it was despatched by her mother, who is education her at property through air raid alerts:

I’m not crying—we’re both crying.

Here’s one more prompt:


No one understands the (animal) that (verbs) in me.

No 1 is aware my coronary heart is a/an (adjective) (noun) I have as a result of the (noun) toward the (noun).

No one particular knows the (noun) I softly (verb).
But I do. I do.

I will wake currently and (verb) my (noun).

I will stroll currently and (verb) the (noun).

I will (verb) until finally I (verb) the (noun).

(Repeat pink animal), (repeat blue verb 3 moments).

And in this article is 11-yr-outdated Lachlan’s remarkable reaction:

There is this untitled prompt about self-expression:


There are times when I am (my identify)

and times when I am not.

My coronary heart is a/an (adjective) (verb)ing (noun) in the early morning

and a/an (adjective) (verb)ing (noun) at evening.

If only I could (verb) in the (noun),

I would be (adjective).

If only I could allow go of (noun),

I would be the (verb)ing (noun).

(Someone’s identify), this poem is for you.

To adore you is to be the (repeat blue phrases).

And this response from 12-calendar year-old Sam, whose ASD can make communication a struggle from time to time. Sam’s mother shares that he carries a stuffed giraffe named Buzz that he carries everywhere:

Fasano is supporting folks all about the earth discover their voice, and for that, we’re grateful.

We think these prompts would make an awesome back-to-college assignment, a way to assistance hesitant writers or pupils who have problems communicating, or a confidence-developing action to launch a poetry device.

Here’s how to follow Joseph Fasano on Instagram and Twitter so you can, like me, check out his feed like a hawk to preorder his book.

Here’s his latest prompt:


Let the (noun) be (adjective).

Permit the (noun) be (adjective).

Enable every (noun) within me obtain its (noun)

and (verb) (adverb), (adverb) toward this planet.

I have a story I have in no way explained to:

As soon as, when I was (adjective),

I appeared up at the (noun) and observed the (noun)

and realized I was a (noun) made of (noun).

I am nevertheless a (repeat eco-friendly noun) made of (repeat yellow noun).

What will you or your pupils create?

How are you scheduling on using these prompts? Permit us know in the responses!

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