Tips To Clean High-End Watches?

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High-end luxury watches are precious accessory pieces that need utmost care and maintenance. Proper care can ensure longevity and it also helps in retaining its value. Branded watches, such as Rolex and Patek Philippe are more than mere timepieces, they are investment options as well. To find out the true market worth of your investment piece, you must get a watch appraisal. It will come in handy when selling your coveted item or for insurance purposes.

Maintaining and keeping your luxury timepiece clean is essential, especially the dial and bezel. This will make sure that your watch remains free from accumulating dust and grime and lasts longer. Cleaning the watch is also recommended before going for any watch valuation, such as Rolex appraisal.

Consistency is also important, you should clean your timepiece regularly. During the summer time, you sweat and your bezel is also exposed to the sun. This makes cleaning your bezel very important to get rid of the stickiness and preserve its condition.

Luxury watches are crafted from materials like stainless steel, gold, titanium, carbon and ceramic. To ensure that they continue to shine like brand new watches, they need to be cleaned. Let’s learn some tips on how to clean high-end watches.

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Tips To Clean The Dial Of A High-End Watch

Dials of luxury watches do not just display time, they also lend aesthetic appeal to timepieces. You must save your watch’s dial from scratches and dust. A dirty dial will make it difficult to read the time. It will impact your watch’s functionality and appearance. Here are some tips to keep your dial in impeccable condition:

Keep The Hands Aside

The first step is to remove the hands and keep them aside. This is recommended to save hands from any damage. It will also make cleaning easier for you. For this, you need to open the watch and then effortlessly remove the hands. Be careful and gentle when performing this step.

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Eliminating Dirt

To eliminate the dirt, use a blower and a toothpick to clean the dial. Also, make sure there are no glass fragments over the surface. You can use a cotton bud to remove any residual dust. This step also requires gentle handling of your delicate watch to save your timepiece from any harm.

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Cleaning with Mild Detergent

  • This is the last step to clean the dial of your watch and you can skip this step if your watch looks clean after step two. So for a very dirty dial, clean it using a soft dial brush. If that’s insufficient, then go with a mild detergent along with the soft brush. Do not let the liquid stay for long as it can damage the dial so dry it out promptly. 
  • This step can help remove dust, grime and yellowing of the dial but it might not be useful for removing spots. You need to be cautious when using mild detergent on a painted dial. 
  • An antique pocket watch with an authentic baked on enamel dial can be cleaned using detergent along with an ultrasonic cleaner. Avoid soaking in such liquid for a long, when using ultrasonic machine. If the dial of your watch is delicate, then it should not be cleaned using an ultrasonic machine.

Tips To Clean The Bezel Of A High-End Watch

It is easier to clean the bezel as compared to the dial as for this, you do not need to open the watch.

  • Brush & Dish Washing Liquid: To clean the bezel of your beloved watch, you require a toothbrush and a small amount of dish washing liquid. Apply it to the toothbrush, use a little warm water and start scrubbing the outer edge. Complete the scrubbing of the entire circle, then rotate the bezel at a right angle, so that the liquid goes underneath it.   
    If your bezel has crystals studded in it then do not forget to scrub the gaps between crystals. Keep turning and rinsing for 20-40 seconds, until you remove stickiness. Continue rinsing and make sure no soapy residue is left. Dry it completely using a clean paper towel.

So now you know how to clean your timepiece. A luxury watch that looks brand new will be valued higher when you get a watch appraisal online as compared to a dirty watch with no shine.

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