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Top 10 Best Drawing Animation Software For Desktop

Animation has become insanely popular in the digital marketing world. Animation is an effective way to convey a message or idea as it presents a complex concept in a much simplified manner. As a marketer, you can also use animation to promote your product or services to your target audience. Not to mention, it can also be used for entertainment purposes. The reason why so many animated movies are gaining popularity these days. 

This article mentions the top 10 drawing animation apps that can also be used on a desktop computer for creating amazing 2D & 3D animations. 

In the realm of digital art and animation, desktop software stands as the cornerstone for unleashing creativity and bringing imaginative concepts to life. With an array of powerful drawing animation software available, artists and animators are empowered to explore their artistic vision, experiment with diverse techniques, and craft captivating animations with precision and finesse. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unveil the top 10 best drawing animation software for desktop, catering to beginners, seasoned professionals, and everyone in between.

Adobe Animate:

Adobe Animate reigns as a powerhouse in the world of animation software, renowned for its versatility and comprehensive feature set. Formerly known as Flash Professional, this industry-leading software enables artists to create stunning vector-based animations, interactive experiences, and multimedia content with ease. With support for a wide range of export formats and seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications, Adobe Animate is a go-to choice for animators seeking unparalleled flexibility and creative control.

Toon Boom Harmony:

Toon Boom Harmony stands as a pinnacle of excellence in the realm of 2D animation software, trusted by industry professionals and studios worldwide. Boasting a robust set of tools for drawing, rigging, compositing, and effects, Harmony offers a seamless workflow tailored for both traditional and cut-out animation techniques. With advanced features such as node-based compositing, multi-plane camera setups, and integrated lip-syncing capabilities, Toon Boom Harmony empowers animators to unleash their creativity and produce high-quality animations with unmatched precision.

Clip Studio Paint:

Clip Studio Paint emerges as a versatile and feature-rich software solution tailored for artists and illustrators seeking to delve into animation. Equipped with a plethora of drawing tools, customizable brushes, and advanced animation features, Clip Studio Paint facilitates the creation of captivating 2D animations and manga-style artwork. Whether you’re a novice animator or a seasoned professional, Clip Studio Paint offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow that streamlines the animation process and unleashes your creative potential.

TVPaint Animation:

TVPaint Animation stands as a stalwart in the realm of hand-drawn animation software, revered for its fluidity, responsiveness, and traditional animation sensibilities. Designed for artists seeking to emulate the tactile experience of traditional animation, TVPaint Animation offers a rich array of tools for sketching, inking, coloring, and animating frame-by-frame. With support for custom brushes, onion skinning, and advanced timeline controls, TVPaint Animation empowers animators to breathe life into their creations with unparalleled expressiveness and detail.

Moho (Anime Studio):

Moho, formerly known as Anime Studio, is a versatile animation software renowned for its ease of use and affordability. With a focus on 2D vector-based animation, Moho offers a comprehensive suite of tools for character rigging, bone animation, and motion graphics. Whether you’re creating character animations for cartoons, explainer videos, or web animations, Moho’s intuitive interface and robust feature set make it an ideal choice for animators of all skill levels.


OpenToonz stands as a testament to the power of open-source collaboration, offering a feature-rich animation software solution accessible to artists and animators worldwide. Developed by Studio Ghibli and subsequently released as open-source software, OpenToonz combines professional-grade animation tools with a user-friendly interface, making it an attractive option for both hobbyists and professionals alike. With support for traditional hand-drawn animation, cut-out animation, and advanced compositing features, OpenToonz empowers animators to realize their creative vision with unparalleled freedom and flexibility.

Synfig Studio:

Synfig Studio emerges as a powerful and versatile 2D animation software tailored for artists seeking a free and open-source alternative. With a focus on vector-based animation and skeletal rigging, Synfig Studio offers a comprehensive set of tools for creating dynamic and expressive animations. Whether you’re crafting character animations, motion graphics, or visual effects, Synfig Studio’s intuitive interface and robust feature set enable you to bring your creative vision to life with precision and finesse.


Blender transcends its reputation as a leading 3D modeling and rendering software to offer robust animation capabilities for both 2D and 3D projects. With a dedicated animation workspace, a powerful timeline editor, and support for keyframe animation, Blender empowers artists to create stunning animations with unparalleled depth and complexity. Whether you’re crafting character animations, motion graphics, or immersive VR experiences, Blender’s versatile toolkit and open-source ethos make it a favorite among artists and animators worldwide.


Pencil2D stands as a lightweight and user-friendly animation software tailored for artists and animators seeking a simple yet powerful tool for creating hand-drawn animations. With support for both raster and vector-based drawing, onion skinning, and frame-by-frame animation, Pencil2D offers a seamless workflow for bringing your creative ideas to life. Whether you’re sketching storyboards, creating flipbook-style animations, or producing animated shorts, Pencil2D’s intuitive interface and minimalist design make it an ideal choice for aspiring animators.

Autodesk Maya:

Autodesk Maya stands as an industry-standard 3D animation software revered for its robust feature set, unparalleled versatility, and unmatched flexibility. While primarily known for its prowess in 3D animation and visual effects, Maya also offers powerful tools for 2D animation, motion graphics, and character rigging. With support for keyframe animation, procedural animation, and advanced rigging techniques, Maya empowers artists to create captivating animations that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

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