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At Rusty Lions, we’re proud to offer a wide range of sandblasting services for automotive, architectural, and commercial clients. We can take on a variety of challenges like tough stains and imperfect surfaces and deliver our expertise flawlessly.

Rusty Lions has years of expertise and advanced equipment to complete any job, regardless of its size. If you’re looking for expert sandblasting services to restore the original surface condition, prepping up for a powder coating job, or removing old paint, we can help. Our professionals specialize in achieving high-quality results for any project with your specifications in mind.

 Domestic, Industrial, and Commercial Sandblasting Services

If you need an effective surface preparation method, turn to our experienced and highly trained sandblasting specialists. We’re professionally trained when it comes to sandblasting services on a wide range of surfaces.

 Sandblasting is often referred to as abrasive media blasting, which involves the spraying of small abrasive particles onto a surface. The sand particles are projected at a very high pressure to clean or deburr the surface.

Sandblasting services are mostly used to strip and clean surfaces before any construction or decorative work. It can also smoothen out surfaces of various metals to achieve the desired texture and shine.

There are various types of sandblasting methods as well. At Rusty Lions, we have expertise in all of them and can choose the best blasting method for your needs.

Call 347-613-8103 for the best sandblasting services in NJ and discuss your requirements with Rusty Lions.


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Phone Number– 347-613-8103

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