Vizcaya Wedding Photographer: Your Guide to a Perfect Wedding

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Vizcaya Wedding Photographer Offers the appropriate mixture of traditional European structure with Florida’s natural splendor. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a notable alternative to a vacation spot wedding ceremony in Europe. For centuries, Miami couples have depended on this incredible region to create enduring recollections. No other lodge in South Florida presents such tranquility and scenery. You can accept this as true with this website to make your special day unforgettable.

Aside from some significant holidays, the location is continuously open for business. Your visitors could have entire privateness within the courtyard, lawn, and balcony. The outdoor settings are created for wedding ceremony images, with numerous sculptures and decorations ranging from artwork from the early 20th century to artifacts from the Renaissance length. Europe.

Aside from a few great vacations, the location is constantly open for commercial enterprise. Your guests will have complete privacy within the courtyard, lawn, and balcony. The outside places are created for wedding ceremony photography, with sculptures and decorations starting from early 20th-century artwork to Renaissance-technology antiques from Europe.

How to plan a Vizcaya wedding

Denise and Andrew said their vows surrounding using own family and friends on a stunning December night at the Vizcaya Museum Gardens in Miami, Florida. With lovely architecture and magical gardens on Biscayne Bay, Vizcaya is a beautiful wedding ceremony vacation spot.

Before the ceremony, the bride and groom surrounded each other. They also had the chance to include their dog in the festivities before the first photos of the tours began. Surrounded by natural beauty surrounded by lush florals, the bride dazzled her guests in a sweet-neck Monique Hillier gown and Christian Louboutin shoes. Her beautiful hair and makeup were styled with jewelry from Vizcaya Wedding Photographer and a special tiara from Maria Elena’s hair. The groom also turned heads with his custom Burberry suit and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Guests enjoyed a cocktail hour for an elegantly decorated dinner complete with lace tablecloths, gilded dinnerware, and elegant centerpieces before transitioning to the Eastern Pavilion After Dinner Denise changed into her reception gown so she could dance the night away with her husband under the stars. The precise mixture of herbal beauty, historical structure, Gulf Coast surroundings, and completing touches made it a suitable day to have fun with the satisfied couple

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting married in a European citadel, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is the marriage venue for you. Located on Florida’s Miami Bay, this wedding ceremony venue will take you and your guests back hundreds of years to global Italian beauty.

It is known for its spacious gardens and impeccable interior design and furnishings, unlike any other American villa. Here is all the information you need to know about hosting a Vizcaya wedding.


Ray Santana, a wedding photographer, is all about capturing “true moments” and his photojournalistic style captures emotions as well as photographs. See the website for more information.

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