What If Thoughts Have been Forex?

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As technologies evolves dwelling designs change–and vice versa. These forms of improvements effect a assortment of societal factors.

Your mother starts making use of facebook and gets far more options to see photos of grandchildren, but perhaps appears considerably less probable to call or physically prevent by in lieu. Smartphones and GPS units mean fewer individuals get maps or stop and talk to for instructions.

And so on.

As ‘things’ improve, new ‘things’ turn into useful. New currencies surface–and new currencies generate new opportunities for trade.

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Investing Ideas

What if–in pursuit of learning–hobbies, experience, and primary wondering were being forex? What if you traded one particular thought for another?

What variety of influence could possibly this have not basically on learner engagement and accountability, but far more importantly how local community users interact with 1 another?

How could this model be included into official discovering environments?

And probably most importantly, how does this tactic disrupt traditional electrical power sets in finding out environments? How do equitable conditions empower all finding out contributors?

I really don’t know. It’s not a functional idea–just imagining out loud.

What if ideas–creativity, in particular understanding, divergent pondering, synethizing current suggestions into new material and types, etcetera.–were a a lot more formal forex. As it is, they have to be turned into sustainable and persuasive small business styles.

That doesn’t look like our best thinking as a society, does it?


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