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The word emanate has appeared in 29 content articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, which include on Dec. 1 in “New Estimate Finds More Magma Below Yellowstone Supervolcano” by Robin George Andrews:

Volcanologists recognize magma reservoirs by monitoring earthquakes. Seismic waves plunge by means of Earth’s innards before becoming detected by surface seismometers. They transfer a lot more slowly by warm and partly molten rock, and researchers use their journey moments to interpret how molten components of the subsurface are.

But this traditional seismic imaging method is imperfect. Seismic waves often bend about molten pockets. This approach also assumes that seismic waves journey in a simplified way, from the quake directly to the seismometer in reality, seismic waves emanate in all directions, and vital info about Earth’s underbelly is misplaced.

Can you accurately use the word emanate in a sentence?

Centered on the definition and example supplied, write a sentence working with today’s Term of the Day and share it as a remark on this post. It is most critical that your sentence would make perception and demonstrates that you understand the word’s definition, but we also encourage you to be innovative and have exciting.

Then, read through some of the other sentences pupils have submitted and use the “Recommend” button to vote for two authentic sentences that stand out to you.

If you want a superior notion of how emanate can be applied in a sentence, study these use illustrations on Vocabulary.com.

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