WoW Classic Sod Gold Guide – How Fishing Can Help You Make Gold in Season of Discovery

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WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery has introduced a new gold-making meta with the level cap set at 25, accompanied by raid content, PVP zones and desirable profession items. Many players are actively seeking methods to increase their wealth in this new world of adventure. One way to farm SoD gold is through Tailoring and Alchemy. These two skills are great for creating bags and consumables that are always in demand.


Fishing is a low-key but potentially lucrative profession that can help you make some extra gold in WoW Classic. It can be a great way to get into lower level areas that may otherwise be dangerous, and it can also provide a good source of murloc scales.

Fish can be eaten raw to regain health, cooked for food and used as a combat buff. They can also be sold or traded for gold. The higher the level of the fish, the more valuable they will be.

To start fishing, you’ll need a fishing pole and a bait. You can purchase both from a fishing trainer or general goods vendor in your camp’s major city. Once you have these, head to a zone that spawns fishing pools. Watch for schools of fish and wreckage as these can be more lucrative than an open body of water. Fishing pools respawn after 6 minutes, so it’s best to keep moving to minimize downtime.

Murloc Scales

With the release of Season of Discovery and its new gear and PVP areas, players are looking for ways to make gold. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do it in WoW Classic. One way is to grind Murloc Scales. This item can be collected from high-level murlocs in Hillsbrad Foothills, Dustwallow Marsh and Stranglethorn Vale. Another is to grind Dark Iron Ordinance from Dark Iron Dwarf elite mobs in the Wetlands. These items are in high demand at the Auction House.

The Deviate skill allows players to farm additional rare items like scales and leather for armor crafting, including Slimy Murloc Scales for non-leatherworkers and Red Whelp Scales for Leatherworkers from the Alliance side of Silverpine Forest or Westfall. These are sold for a substantial profit and the addition of limited-quality recipes makes this farming method even more profitable. This is a more challenging approach, however, since these items are primarily dropped by elite murlocs.


The in-game economy is a vital hub for trading high-end equipment, valuable resources, and other sought-after items. As such, accumulating gold is an important goal for players of all professions.

Whether you’re a tailor or an alchemist, there are plenty of ways to make some easy cash in WoW classic SoD Season of Discovery Phase 1. For example, smelting raw copper ore into bars is a simple and reliable way to generate gold—especially when market prices are low.

Other methods include herbalism—wherein dense herbs like Plaguebloom and Felweed sprout in the shadows of revamped dungeons—and leatherworking, wherein dense leather clusters are found in revamped zones. As a bonus, the northeast coast of Tanaris is an excellent spot for Skinning turtles, which drop tons of turtle scales, as well as linen and wool cloth—both valued crafting materials. But the best way to make gold is often by forming trade networks and collaboration with fellow players. A rising tide lifts all boats, after all.


In this cheap wow season of discovery gold guide, you’ll find all the information you need to become a master alchemist in Season of Discovery. The guide will walk you through the basics of the profession, as well as the optimal zones to farm for ingredients and the best recipes to craft.

This guide also includes a list of Apprentice and Journeyman Alchemy Trainers, recipes and transmutes that you can make, as well as the recommended route to level your Alchemy skill to 300. It will even break down the costs of the profession, so you can plan your budget accordingly!

If you’re looking for a strong combination of professions to increase your gold in SoD, Tailoring and Alchemy are a great choice. Bags are a big deal in SoD, and you can easily sell a lot of them as a Tailor. Plus, the ability to craft consumables like elixirs and potions that enhance player power temporarily makes Alchemy a solid choice.


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