Exploring the Tile Shop in Pune for a Stylish Home Decor

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The elegant and stylish look that tiles offer is undeniable. That’s why tiles are often the top priority of people when they are crafting or redecorating a space. So, if you also wish to explore stunning and stylish tiles designs for your space in Pune, visit any reputed tiles showroom in Pune to explore an amazing range of mesmerising and trending tile designs for walls and floors. 

The Significance of Tile Designs for Stylish Homes

Tiles offer a wonderful way to decorate a home while adding your unique touch and personality, allowing you to beautify the space. Not only can tiles provide a protective layer to the walls and floors of your space but they also provide you with a canvas to let your creativity flow and achieve your desired look in your space. Be it classic and timeless or refined and sleek, you can find tiles designs of every kind that you can use to experiment and express your style and taste. To give a stylish and modern look to your home, you must pay attention to the tile designs, finishes, and hues and make sure that all features blend well together to beautifully reflect your personality. 


Now, let’s discuss how different tile aspects can make a difference in the overall interior setting of your space. 


The tones of the tiles play a vital role in setting the mood in the room. Here are some popular choices for tile tones that you can consider. 

  • Deep and Rich Tones: Darker tones such as deep blue, green, and purple are perfect for adding a dramatic visual look to spaces. You can use these tones to create a visually striking accent wall or blend them with lighter-toned tiles. Also, you can combine these tones with neutral shades in wall-and-floor combinations to create a contrasting look. 

  • Neutral Shades: Neutral shades such as white, beige, and grey offer an ageless feel to modern decors. With these colours, you can create an impression of high-ceilinged. Besides, they provide a stunning base for interior decor elements such as furniture, sculptures, and more. 

  • Earthy Tones: Consider earthy tones such as dark red and brown which draw inspiration from Mother Earth. You can use these tones on both floors and walls to infuse a natural element into your home decor. 


The tile finishes can also influence the overall look of your home decor. So, here are some tile finishes that you can consider. 

  • Matte Finish: Tiles with matte finishes provide subtle elegance with a touch of modernity. They are a more practical choice for walls and floors, especially in wet floor areas because they are safe and do not get watermarks. 

  • Textured Finish: Tile designs with textures are great for adding depth and dimension to spaces. As these finishes are hard to maintain, it is better to use them minimally. They are great for accent wall looks and creating unique backsplashes and TV backdrops in living rooms or bedrooms. 

  • Glossy Finish: Tiles with a glossy finish reflect light and make spaces appear brighter and larger. They are ideal for walls in wet areas as they can provide a luxurious feel. 

Shapes and Sizes

The next features of tiles that can affect your room decor are their shapes and sizes. Consider the following options:

  • Large-Format Tiles: Being one of the trendiest tile options, large-format tiles have found their places in modern spaces – from homes to offices. They can provide a visual expansion in any setting due to their minimal grout lines. 

  • Square and Rectangular Tiles: These tile shapes are most commonly used across the interior decor industry. However, their sizes can vary. 

  • Planks: Just wooden tiles are available in planks, and their sizes come in a varying range. 

Laying Patterns

Any interesting tile-laying pattern can take your space decor to the next notch while showcasing your creative side in decorating your space. Here are some well-admired tiling patterns that you can consider.

  • Diagonal: If you lay square tiles in a diagonal pattern, you can add visual interest to your space. Also, it helps to make small spaces appear wider. 

  • Herringbone: This classic design is formed by laying equal-sized rectangular tiles in a zigzag manner. It works for both modern and traditional interior decor. 

  • Chevron: This pattern has an inverted V-shape, creating a seamless zigzag look. It is perfect for backdrops and floors. 

  • Basketweave: This classic layout design is formed using uniform squares to create a distinctive look. It has been used to make spaces appear wider, especially in small bathrooms. 

Exploring the Tile Shop Experience

By visiting a tile shop, you can explore innumerable tiles designs which are in trend. Generally, a good tile store can provide you with an opportunity to check out wall and floor tiles of different designs that can instantly transform any boring interior look into elegant decor. Not only can you explore different tile designs but also you can go through different variants of tile materials, sizes, and textures in real life. Even though you can buy tiles from online platforms, visiting a tile showroom in person provides a whole new experience. During your visit, you can check how a particular tile design looks and feels and whether it will cater to your needs in your space. Besides that, every reputed tiles showroom in Pune has expert staff who can assist you in selecting the right tiles depending on your space and your preferences. 


Exploring an enormous tile collection can be overwhelming, but if you reach out to a trusted  tiles showroom in Pune such as Orientbell Tiles Boutique, expert professionals will help you navigate through the quality and versatile tile options to create sleek and stylish home decor.



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