Factors to Consider While Choosing the Perfect Roof Tiles

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In India, having a roof above your head is equivalent to the feeling of residing at home. Besides the emotional value of having a roof, it helps in protecting the house from all weather conditions. So, you must choose your roof tiles with much care as they will ensure you live safely in your house and feel protected. Besides that, your house roof covers about forty percent of your total exterior space, so you should not compromise on the quality and looks of the roof tiles. These days, you can explore hundreds of tile options of diverse designs and sizes if you reach out to any reputed tile showroom in Kanchipuram. However, before you visit the tile store and buy the tiles, read this blog to learn more about the things you should keep in mind while exploring the tile choices and choosing the right one for your house. 

Factors for Roof Tile Selection 

Finding the best possible roof tiles is a major decision as they are highly outstanding in not only protecting your house from harsh weather conditions but also raising the overall value of your house. So, have a look at the factors for the ideal tile selection for your rooftops, balconies, or terraces. 

Consider Your Roof Needs

Before you think of buying roof tiles, you must understand the needs of your rooftop, balcony, or terrace. Only with a proper understanding of your roof needs, you choose roof tiles to get long-term satisfaction and stability. So, you can start by taking the local climate into account. For example, are you looking for a roof tile option that can withstand powerful winds, torrential storms, or extremely hot sun rays? Besides that, you have to consider the amount of load your house roof can withstand. This is because some tile variants can be heavier than others. Another aspect that you may consider is energy efficiency as roof tiles help keep the outside heat from penetrating inside and warming the indoors, thereby, helping in saving electrical expenses to cool down interiors. Lastly, you also need to think about what aesthetics you want for your roof, which will match the existing style and design of the rest of your house. 

Consider the Budget

Your budget is a significant aspect of selecting roof tiles for your house. The prices of different roof tiles vary, depending on their raw materials and designs. That’s why it is essential to look for a tile option that strikes a balance between quality and cost. However, choosing cheap tiles might not last a long period, and you have to re-tile the entire space, costing you way more. Hence, you should consider knowing the prices and quality of the tiles before buying. Also, while fixing your budget, you should consider the dimension of the space where you want to lay tiles as your budget may change depending on the number of tiles you need. 

Colour and Appearance

The colour and design of the roof tiles can contribute to elevating the overall look of your house exteriors. Any well-recognised tile showroom in Kanchipuram can offer you an array of roof tiles with various designs and colours, which are also inspired by local influences and elements. For example, if you go for a soft-toned tile design for your rooftop, it can help in reflecting the sunlight into the atmosphere, preventing the hotness from entering the interiors and lowering the electricity consumption. However, if you like to add a sense of classic and country-style look to your house roof, you can go for darker tile designs. Besides, you can think of experimenting with different tile textures and finishes to elevate the visual interest further. All in all, you have to select a tile colour and style that harmonises your rooftop with the architectural design of your house. 

Understand the Limitations

While selecting roof tiles for your rooftops, you must learn about the limitations associated with your chosen tiles. You have to think about the load-bearing capacity of your house foundation as some tiles are heavier. So, make sure to take the roof pitch and local building codes to select the tile options. Also, you should consider buying low-maintenance tiles so that they can last for years with minimal maintenance. 

Select the Right Size

For a well-advanced roof renovation, you must carefully select the appropriate size of the roof tile. Consider the slope of the roof surfaces as different slopes need specific tile sizes to provide proper water drainage. Also, the surface of the roof can help in determining the right tile size. An appropriate tile size offers excellent protection and minimal wastage and elevates the aesthetic appearance of the rooftop. 

Get the Ideal Look and Feel 

While selecting the roof tiles, you need to take the architectural structure of your house into account. Be it contemporary or classic, you have to make the tile pattern and design with the overall style and personality of your home. Particularly, you have to pay attention to the textures, form, and colours of the tiles so that they can come together beautifully and provide a stunning visual effect. The finish of your tiles also determines how effective they are in insulating the house and keeping the unwanted warmth away, lowering your energy expenditures. Also, by matching the tile designs with your aesthetic values and lifestyle needs, you can achieve durable roofing for your house, which is not only visually appealing but also improves comfort and performance in your local climatic conditions.


Now, you know how to find the ideal roof tile option. So, you should plan to visit a reputed tile showroom in Kanchipuram, such as Orientbell Tiles Boutique, to find quality roof tiles that match your house’s architecture and style.

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