Gold trade data statistics of 2023

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Top 10 Countries that Bought the Most Gold in 2023:

Let’s check out how much gold was traded in 2023. Gold trade means buying and selling gold in various forms like bars, jewelry, coins, and bullion. Many things affect gold trade, like good business conditions, political situations, and how investors feel. Gold trade is very important for many countries’ economies. It helps them grow and makes jobs. The gold market is always changing, so it’s important to keep an eye on how much gold is being bought and sold. In 2023, the total value of gold exports was $469.80 billion, and the total value of gold imports was $488.18 billion. Gold trade made up about 2.06% of all trade around the world. :- gold trade data 




1. Switzerland: $98.5 billion

2. China: $76.7 billion

3. United Kingdom: $42 billion

4. Hong Kong: $38 billion

5. India: $36.6 billion

6. Turkey: $20.4 billion

7. Singapore: $17.7 billion

8. United Arab Emirates: $15.5 billion

9. Thailand: $11.4 billion

10. Germany: $10.6 billion


Top 10 Countries that Sold the Most Gold in 2023:


1. Switzerland: $100.34 billion

2. United Kingdom: $72.97 billion

3. United States of America: $37.17 billion

4. United Arab Emirates: $35.62 billion

5. Hong Kong: $30.15 billion

6. Australia: $16.36 billion

7. Singapore: $15.52 billion

8. Canada: $15.20 billion

9. Russia: $12.50 billion

10. Japan: $10.87 billion


Switzerland is a big player in the gold trade. It’s known for refining and storing gold, which brings in investors from all over the world. In 2023, Switzerland exported $100.34 billion worth of gold and imported $98.5 billion worth. It’s located in the middle of Europe, which makes it a good place for gold trade.


Factors Driving Switzerland’s Gold Trade:


1. It’s close to countries that produce a lot of gold.

2. Switzerland is famous for its high-quality gold.

3. Its banking and tax policies make it attractive for gold transactions.


The future of Switzerland’s gold trade looks good. Gold prices reached an all-time high in 2023, and they’re expected to keep going up. Switzerland has good infrastructure and a stable economy, which makes it a good place for investors and traders.


In conclusion, Switzerland plays a big role in the gold trade, and it’s expected to keep doing so in the future. Watching how much gold is bought and sold can help investors, traders, and policymakers make good decisions. Let’s keep an eye on the gold trade to understand how it’s changing and who the big players are.

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