How to Get Ahead in Advertising with Custom Jackets & Vests

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When you need to go outside for errands or to report to work in a cold and freezing environment, the one thing you must not forget is a custom jacket. A custom leather jacket is the apparel equivalent of a cup of coffee that keeps the cold out and provides warmth. Both jackets and coffee provide warmth. Although a custom jacket with a logo is more versatile, therefore you can wear it whenever you want.

Companies have made Custom Embroidered Jackets one of their top advertising products because it is a necessity in freezing climates.

This way, they will not only provide warmth to their most loyal patrons but also promote their businesses.

Custom Jackets as Promo Products

Advertisers have used a variety of advertising products. None, however, can compete with the advantages of using custom jackets in promotions. They not only keep you warm, but they also help to spread the word about your company. For example, when a person wears your company’s jacket and goes out, he/she effectively provides mobile marketing for your company.

A personalized jacket help spread the word about your business wherever the wearer goes.

Not Just as Promo Products

If you believe that custom embroidered jackets are only good for cold climates, you are mistaken. Instead, they are becoming increasingly popular in hot climates. Motorists, for example, like to wear them. Because jackets protect their bodies from the scorching heat when they tour across the land. Also, save them from harsh windy weather conditions.

Some people may wear these custom jackets with logos as a fashion statement. Customers love to have advertising products, especially if you give them as business gifts.

As a result, it touches their hearts in a way that no other advertising strategy can. After all, when you go out to work in snowy weather, you can never be too grateful for the presence of a jacket.

So, make sure to use custom jackets for men and women in adverts. In turn, your clients will never forget the good you did for them.

Custom Jackets Have Long Been a Staple of Any Business Uniform

Give your staff a logo-branded warm and comfortable jacket to ensure happiness and productivity in the workplace. This can truly accelerate your brand image and offer a number of benefits to your business.

Since there are many styles to choose from, so it is not easy to find the best personalized jacket. Here are some jacket types that help you incorporate a professional, stylish, and on-brand jacket into your company uniform.

The Different Types of Branded Jackets

Softshell Jackets

Softshell jackets are a great addition to any business’s workwear wardrobe. They are lightweight, warm, and water-resistant. Softshell jackets can be tailored to perfectly fit your working environment and existing uniform. For this, you need to choose from various different colors, fits, and styles, to suit your work environment.

Who they’re perfect for?

Softshell jackets are useful in a variety of industries due to their versatility. They’re warm and practical for outdoor workers to wear over t-shirts or sweatshirts. Moreover, they are also incredibly stylish and trendy, so they won’t look out of place in a business setting.

How they can be branded?

ApparelnBags offers softshell jackets from a variety of brands. You can customize your company’s name or logo through printing or embroidery to make a statement. The garment’s design naturally provides a plethora of different logo placement options. You can also display your logo in different sizing options.

Choose between a small, subtle logo on the chest and a full-size logo on the back – the choice is yours!

Padded Jackets

Padded jackets, also known as quilted or puffer jackets, are medium to heavy outer layers. They have thermal lining panels for increased heat retention and comfort. They are unisex personalized jacket that is universally popular in the winter months due to their snug, warm fit. These jackets typically come with two waist pockets and a hood as standard, with additional features depending on the brand.

Who They’re Perfect for?

Puffer jackets are ideal for everyone who works outside or visits outdoor locations as part of their job. They provide added warmth and comfort to the wearer. If the recipient works almost entirely outside, you may need to consider a heavy-duty outdoor custom jackets with a logo. They look great with shirts and bridge the gap between a heavy outer layer and a thin, corporate softshell.

How to Customize Them?

ApparelnBags provides full customization service to its customers. You can emblazon your brand’s emblem on your padded jackets through embroidery or printing. Just add your logo to your cart page when you check out.

The chest area is the most common location for a logo on printed jackets. Furthermore, you can also add a larger message to the back of the personalized jacket.

Custom Bomber Jackets

Custom bomber jackets with logos are one of the most fashionable jackets available. They are also extremely versatile. They are available in a variety of colors and styles to make you feel even more at ease. Due to this reason, they are perfect for family reunions or friend gatherings.

We offer bomber jackets with or without a collar at reasonable prices.

Who They’re Perfect for?

The jacket is ideal for any team member to wear because it is comfortable in all working environments. If the office is feeling cold, the bomber jacket will keep you warm as well. Because the sleeves have a warm lining, which is ideal for winter.

Moreover, it is a lightweight jacket, so you will feel comfortable and will not need to remove it as frequently.

How to Print Them?

You can also print your logo on the custom bomber jacket. This allows you to showcase your company’s brand in the best possible way while feeling proud of yourself. In addition, if it begins to rain, the fabric will not fade or tear.

Choose a bright-colored logo to take it to the next level.


Promotional Products provide you with a unique and interesting way to market your company. This includes using promotional items, such as custom jackets and vests, branded mugs, and other such products. Advertising Products help customers and clients remember your company’s name and services.

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