11 Mistakes Emerging eCommerce Brands Make and How to Avoid Them

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Running an eCommerce site is not a piece of cake. To achieve business goals, you are required to have great marketing strategies. Business holders who are new to this field sometimes make mistakes. It’s crucial to find these issues with their solutions to maximize the growth and sales of your business.

eCommerce has become a new standard in retail as the competition for buying products is at its peak. All these eCommerce issues can give a deep impact on the growth and revenue of websites.

This ultimate guide will help you resolve all these issues or you can have guidance from the experts providing custom eCommerce website development services for getting more detailed solutions.

Listed below are some common marketing mistakes

You need to avoid doing to make your company grow.

11 Common Mistakes eCommerce Brands Make and How to Avoid Them

1.      Not Knowing Your Target Audience

Every business starts while keeping customers in mind. Many businesses use the internet to easily reach their target audiences. Nowadays, many people are s buying online to get things in their hands without straining, and your website could make its move in front of a broad audience while giving their desired products.

To drive heavy traffic to your website, you have to be specific about your customers while doing your marketing efforts. Your marketing efforts have to be more effective in front of customers for a clear overview.

2.      Listen Properly to Your Team

Listening to your team is quite an important aspect of any business to make it grow. Your team members may know all about the working of the business that you might not be aware of.

Your team can give clear feedback on your ideas and how you can implement them in your business because they aren’t as emotionally invested in the brand as you are.

If they believe something will attract the general public to your business, you should consider their advice.

3.      Not Determining Average Order Value

If you don’t focus on the average order value, it will become quite difficult to build your site around target customers. The average customer order value and the profit margin are two important numbers for any eCommerce business.

Your average order value should be what your customers want from a product and show the profit margin you can earn from selling items on your website. There are a few tips to increase the order value.

You could make special products using techniques for combining products, set a minimum order, and stay focused on selling on your online store.

4.      Using the Wrong CMS (Content Management System)


Your store users will not be able to complete their orders if you are using the wrong content management system. The main goal of users is to find what they are looking for and complete their buying process. The users will go somewhere else if they got stuck in the checkout process and didn’t able to complete their purchase.

Content management system is essential while building your website as it allows users to move quickly toward the buying process instead of keeping them engaged with your content. Customers need a smooth shopping experience that makes them come back again.


Quick Tip: Want to integrate CMS on your eCommerce site, you are suggested to have guidance from the experts providing custom eCommerce website development services.


5.      Bad Descriptions of Products


If your site provides better descriptions of listed products, it will become easy for users to make purchases.

Descriptions of the product are like a base for your website. Therefore, make a proper review of the descriptions. Keep in mind, before placing any online order; users want proper information about the selected products.


6.      Unsatisfied Brand Promises

Brand promises are important for every business whether online or offline. It helps you ensure the consistency of your brand in a marketplace. If the promise is not up to mark, it can leave a negative impact on the business’s reputation.

One thing that can make your clients stay loyal to your brand is your brand promise. Customers are more likely to go somewhere else if they don’t get a better customer experience on your portal.

7.      Not Similar Look of Brand

It’s okay to be different as compared to others in the market. Your store’s brand and products should be similar to each other; one difference can bring a lot of changes to your site. Showing different brands as compared to competitors is all about showing people why should they consider your brand over others.

8.  Ineffective Social Media Plan

Social media plays an important role in eCommerce marketing. Most of the customers will connect to your brand because of social media. If you are not properly promoting your brand, it is a sign that you will surely lose your target audience and find sales decrement.

 Ensure that your social media should be professionally managed to avoid customer loss. Ads can boost your sales in a short time and make you popular on social media.

9.  No Future Plans


Thinking about the future is very important for every business so that they can carry enough stock with them for upcoming years. Shortage of cash holdings is one of the common ways to lose eCommerce business nowadays.

For your safe side, keep some cash in hand with you.

10. Inappropriate Analyses of Data


If data is not analyzed properly, you can easily get stuck into problems. You need to think precisely and have to consider data.


To attract more target audiences, you have to scale down or you can change the existing products in the store. The whole concept of retailing is based on profit and losses; therefore it becomes an essential thing to be considered while starting an online eCommerce business.

11. Not Sure About Marketing


The sale of a product depends on its marketing. Most of the marketing issue occurs because of not having a proper marketing skill. The marketing strategies you have will not be achieved if they are not planned properly. A well-planned B2c eCommerce marketing plan is needed for marketing automation and company scaling.




Building a successful and reliable eCommerce store is not easy unless you invest yourself in it. To start an eCommerce business, you need a well-organized plan with quality content and marketing strategies. Experts providing custom eCommerce website development services can help in making a great shopping store for your brand and help you grow

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