All the Nvidia information introduced by Jensen Huang at Computex

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Jensen Huang wishes to bring generative AI to each and every facts centre, the Nvidia co-founder and CEO reported throughout Computex in Taipei today. For the duration of the speech, Huang’s very first public speech in pretty much four several years he claimed, he created a slew of bulletins, together with chip release dates, its DGX GH200 super pc  and partnerships with main companies. Here’s all the information from the two-hour-prolonged keynote.

  1. Nvidia’s GForce RTX 4080 Ti GPU for players is now in whole production and staying generated in “large quantities” with partners in Taiwan.

2. Huang announced the Nvidia Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) for Games, an customizable AI model foundry provider with pre-trained types for match builders. It will give NPCs much more character through AI-powered language interactions.

3. Nvidia Cuda computing model now serves 4 million builders and extra than 3,000 applications. Cuda viewed 40 million downloads, like 25 million just last yr on your own.

4. Full quantity manufacturing of GPU server HGX H100 has begun and is being created by “companies all over Taiwan,” Huang claimed. He extra it is the world’s initially computer that has a transformer engine in it.

5. Huang referred to Nvidia’s 2019 acquisition of supercomputer chipmaker Mellanox for $6.9 billion as “one of the best strategic decisions” it has ever manufactured.

6. Generation of the upcoming generation of Hopper GPUs will start off in August 2024, exactly two years after the initial generation started off manufacture.

7. Nvidia’s GH200 Grace Hopper is now in full production. The superchip boosts 4 PetaFIOPS TE, 72 Arm CPUs related by chip-to-chip connection, 96GB HBM3 and 576 GPU memory. Huang described as the world’s very first accelerated computing processor that also has a huge memory: “this is a personal computer, not a chip.” It is built for higher-resilience information middle apps.

8. If the Grace Hopper’s memory is not ample, Nvidia has the solution—the DGX GH200. It is manufactured by initially connecting 8 Grace Hoppers togethers with three NVLINK Switches, then connecting the pods together at 900GB alongside one another. Then lastly, 32 are joined with each other, with another layer of switches, to join a full of 256 Grace Hopper chips. The resulting ExaFLOPS Transformer Motor has 144 TB GPU memory and features as a big GPU. Huang stated the Grace Hopper is so rapid it can run the 5G stack in software. Google Cloud, Meta and Microsoft will be the very first businesses to have obtain to the DGX GH200 and will accomplish analysis into its abilities.

9. Nvidia and SoftBank have entered into a partnership to introduce the Grace Hopper superchip into SoftBank’s new dispersed facts centers in Japan. They will be able to host generative AI and wireless purposes in a multi-tenant widespread server platform, cutting down expenditures and strength.

10. The SoftBank-Nvidia partnership will be based mostly on Nvidia MGX reference architecture, which is currently being applied in partnership with businesses in Taiwan. It provides method manufacturers a modular reference architecture to help them build more than 100 server versions for AI, accelerated computing and omniverse employs. Corporations in the partnership incorporate ASRock Rack, Asus, Gigabyte, Pegatron, QCT and Supermicro.

11. Huang declared the Spectrum-X accelerated networking system to enhance the pace of Ethernet-based mostly clouds. It consists of the Spectrum 4 swap, which has 128 ports of 400GB for each second and 51.2T for every next. The switch is made to help a new variety of Ethernet, Huang claimed, and was created conclude-to-end to do adaptive routing, isolate efficiency and do in-fabric computing. It also features the Bluefield 3 Wise Nic, which connects to the Spectrum 4 switch to perform congestion handle.

12. WPP, the biggest ad company in the earth, has partnered with Nvidia to develop a articles motor based mostly on Nvidia Omniverse. It will be able of generating photos and movie information to be employed in promoting.

13. Robot system Nvidia Isaac ARM is now out there for everyone who would like to establish robots, and is comprehensive-stack, from chips to sensors. Isaac ARM starts with a chip referred to as Nova Orin and is the 1st robotics entire-reference stack, reported Huang.

Many thanks in massive to its importance in AI computing, Nvidia’s inventory has soared in excess of the earlier year, and it is now has a market place valuation of about $960 billion, producing it a single of the most useful corporations in the planet (only Apple, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, Alphabet and Amazon are rated increased).


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