Benefits of Flutter: Reasons to Choose it in 2024

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Let’s face it!

Flutter has garnered quicker & stronger popularity than other mobile app development frameworks and for abundant good reasons!

Did you know?

Flutter is one of the popular mobile app development frameworks and has over 159k stars on GitHub (as per the reports from January 2024). 

It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

From unmatched cross-platform compatibility to strong community support, Flutter has come a long way to be developers’ favorite. 

If you’re still in a dilemma about whether to choose Flutter for your next app development project, let’s understand its ins and outs today. 

Flutter: What is it?

Developed by Google, Flutter is a dedicated cross-platform app development framework that enables developers to build scalable mobile and web apps using a single codebase. Backed by Dart programming language, the framework ensures its app gets the relevant language and runtime support while assisting in a multitude of developers’ tasks, including testing code, formatting, analyzing, and many more.  

Well, that is not the end of the story!

Flutter is widely recognized among developers which makes it a preferred choice for mobile app development. 

Let’s set our sights on the trends & statistics related to Flutter!

  • More than 2 million developers have used Flutter for their web and mobile app development tasks. 

  • A couple of years ago, nearly 50% of developers preferred Flutter for their app development projects. 

  • As per the reports from 2023, more than 1 million apps on the Play Store were built with Flutter. 

That’s the power of Flutter!

Now, that you may have understood what it exactly means, it’s time to understand the benefits that make it popular and perfect for app development. 

Top Reasons to Choose Flutter to Empower Your Mobile App Development Journey

It is no secret that Flutter has abundant features and benefits that make it widely popular among businesses. Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing Flutter.

1. Enhanced Cross-Platform Support 

One of Flutter’s key features and benefits is that it offers cross-platform support, which means developers will use the same code for building both Android & iOS apps. Since it is backed by “Dart” programming language, experts don’t need to write multiple codes for different platforms. The best part of Flutter is that it is infused with a single codebase & customized widget section, it enables professionals to modify the app’s appearance as per the target audience of a respective business.  

2. A Set of Custom Widgets 

It comes as no surprise that the app’s appearance plays an incredibly important role in the success of a business. Flutter’s library is rich in a multitude of widgets that can enhance the app’s look and feel and foster a seamless user-friendly experience. Equipped with features like push notifications, animations, chats, & light/dark mode, Flutter offers a wide range of customizable options that enable developers to add the latest features and build a robust, responsive, and scalable app. 

3. Hot Reload Feature for Speedy Iteration

One of the major highlights of Flutter is its hot reload functionality that allows developers to make quick and real-time changes to the code and view them instantly. The best part is that there’s no need to restart the app to see the changes. With such a feature, developers can fix bugs and potential errors and modify the UI experience, fostering nothing but rapid iteration and enhancing overall productivity. 

4. Scalable Performance & Stability 

Powered by Skia Graphics Engine, Flutter ensures the rendering of the visual components of the apps. Just remember that whenever you see a beautiful animation in the app, the Skia engine works behind to render those details that foster faster rendering and responsive UI. Furthermore, the compiled code of this framework is designed for optimal performance, resulting in faster loading of the app and minimizing memory usage. 

5. Robust Community Support 

Another major benefit of the Flutter framework is that it has an active community of developers, testers, contributors, and enthusiasts who play a major role in making your app development process a breeze. This cross-platform app development framework includes abundant resources, including tutorials, plugins, documentation, and essential packages that help professionals fix and enhance the app’s performance. 

Top Companies That Built Their Apps Using Flutter 

Here is the list of the companies that made the most out of Flutter for their business app development;

  • Alibaba (an eCommerce Giant)

  • Google Pay (Largest Online Payment Portal)

  • eBay Motors (Car Parts & Accessories Platform)

  • BMW (Automobile Manufacturer’s App)

  • Hookle (Social Media Management App)

  • SpaceX Go (Upcoming Rocket Launches Platform)

Flutter 3.19- Understanding the Latest Updates of Flutter

Since its inception, Flutter has been continuously releasing updates to refine the app’s UI and performance that cater to the mushrooming business needs. Now, in February 2024, Flutter is back with a 3.19 version that comes with abundant framework options and is easily compatible with Android 14/API 34. Let’s take a look at the exciting features of the Flutter 3.19. 

  • AI Integration Update 

Harnessing the power of Gemini to include generative AI features into your Dart or Flutter apps.

  • AnimationStyle Widget

The recent update in Flutter enables expert app developers to override the animation in widgets like MaterialApp, ExpansionTile, and PopupMenuButton. 

  • Accessibility Identifier

It is another major update happened in the native accessibility hierarchy. With the recent release of the new version, it now offers an exclusive identifier for each semantic node. 

  • API Improvements 

With the latest release, two new methods that come into existence are getClosestGlyphInfoForOffset, and getGlyphInfoAt which each return an object of the new type GlyphInfo. 

  • Foldable Device Support 

New widgets and features are added that allow you to build dynamic experiences for a multitude of foldable devices. 

  • Improved Scrolling 

With the latest Flutter update, the user can enjoy quick and smooth scrolling and can configure the default scroll behavior. 

Future of Flutter in 2024: Is it Going to be the “Next Big Thing”?

In a nutshell, the future of Flutter looks promising and with its continued growth and popularity, it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. Even in 2024, Flutter is all set to become the #1 framework for building apps that are compatible across different browsers and platforms. For businesses looking to develop robust, scalable, and performance-oriented mobile & web apps quickly, choosing “Flutter” will be an ideal choice. 

Partner With Mobile App Experts for a Smooth App Development Journey 

As the technology continues to evolve, it will be much easier to build scalable apps and incorporate the latest features to make your business stand out.

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