Cellular Analysis Services for Brain Tumors

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Brain tumors are common in neurosurgery and include both primary and secondary tumors. The development of brain tumors is a very complex issue and is still inconclusive. It is generally accepted that brain tumors, like other tumors, usually result in a combination of these abnormalities in cells rather than a single mutation or protein abnormality. Therefore, analysis of brain tumor cells is particularly important to decipher the process of brain tumor development.

The analysis of brain tumor cells

Cell metabolism is the foundation of all living organisms, and brain tumor metastasis is based on the metabolic changes that brain tumor cells undergo to adapt to cell growth and metastasis. Alfa Cytology provides multidimensional cell analysis services, including brain tumor stem cell, circulating tumor cell, rare cell analysis, brain tumor cell microarray, and quantitative DNA analysis of brain tumor cells services. Our goal is to provide you with more information about the mechanisms of brain tumorigenesis, development, and metastasis.

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