Concrete Boom Pump Hire: Revolutionising High-Rise Construction in London

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While planning the construction of a residential or commercial building, builders strive to research and implement the latest technological strategies to streamline the construction process. Whether we talk about looking for high-quality ready mix concrete in London or suitable measures to deliver concrete to difficult-to-reach locations, contractors aim to ensure that they select the right materials and adopt the best techniques to guarantee structural integrity and longevity. Well, concrete boom pump hire services are no exception when it comes to placing concrete precisely to avoid structural failure and financial loss.

According to qualified architects and renowned builders, concrete boom pumps are considered an outstanding tool in enhancing the construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, and infrastructural developments.

How Concrete Boom Pumps Work?

Concrete boom pumps transport and supply concrete to construction sites precisely and effectively by combining mechanical and hydraulic technologies. A large, extending arm or boom installed on a truck or trailer serves as its central component. Several articulating pieces on this boom allow it to be stretched and repositioned to reach high-rise buildings and other restricted locations on a construction site. Operators can precisely position the pump thanks to the smooth and accurate motion made possible by the hydraulic cylinders controlling the boom.

The hopper that holds the concrete mixture, typically a blend of cement, water, aggregates, and additives, is attached to the concrete boom pump. The concrete is drawn from the hopper by a strong pump unit in the boom pump, which then forces it via a network of pipes and hoses to the end of the boom. Next, the concrete is distributed onto the desired area of the construction site using a specialised attachment at the end of the boom called a putting boom or mast. With the use of a remote control system, the operator places and spreads the concrete by adjusting its flow and direction.

How Concrete Boom Pumps Revolutionise High-Rise Construction?

      Increased Efficiency: By enabling quick and accurate placement of concrete at a variety of heights and locations, concrete boom pumps significantly increase efficiency in high-rise construction projects. It shortens downtime, speeds up the construction process, and eventually results in shorter project schedules.

      Improved Safety: They increase site safety by removing the requirement for manual labour to move and install concrete in tall buildings. Hence, employees are less exposed to possible risks related to working on difficult terrain or at heights, which lowers the possibility of mishaps and injuries.

      Cost-Effectiveness: By eliminating the need for extra labour, equipment, and time, concrete boom pump hire services save costs. The precise delivery of concrete to specific areas lessens waste and ensures optimal use of materials, ultimately lowering overall project costs.

      Better Quality: Concrete boom pumps make it possible for concrete to be distributed more evenly and consistently throughout high-rise buildings, which improves the construction’s overall quality and structural stability. It guarantees a long-lasting and sturdy building by minimising the likelihood of flaws, cracks, or irregularities in the concrete.

      Flexibility and Versatility: In high-rise construction, concrete boom pumps are incredibly flexible and may be readily maneuvered to access difficult or confined locations. Their capacity to climb to vast heights and avoid obstructions makes them an indispensable technological advancement for intricate architectural designs, enabling architects and engineers to realise their vision with greater ease and efficiency.

Which Type of Concrete Boom Pump is Ideal for Your Project?

There are numerous types of concrete boom pumps, each with its features and characteristics.

  1. Truck-mounted Concrete Boom Pumps

Truck-mounted concrete boom pumps are a common option for building projects that require flexibility and mobility. Because these pumps are placed on trucks, they can move around project sites and reach various locations for the application of concrete. With impressive maneuverability and reach capabilities, they are ideal for projects with varying concrete pouring needs. They are extensively used in infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, and roads.

  1. Stationary Concrete Boom Pumps

Stationary concrete boom pumps are designed for projects that demand a consistent and stable concrete supply. Since they are stationary, they offer a dependable and effective option for high-rise building projects and other uses where a constant flow of concrete is necessary.

  1. Trailer-mounted Concrete Boom Pumps

They are a useful option for projects that demand versatility and portability. Since they are trailer-mounted, moving them between job sites is simple. They are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for small to medium-sized projects requiring flexible concrete placement.

  1. Spider Concrete Placing Booms

Spider concrete placing booms are ideal for pouring slab concrete, columns, and shear walls. They are available in several subtypes, such as mechanical towers. It is a motorised spider placement boom with a 14-meter horizontal reach that is mounted on a vertical steel beam to improve vertical height.

  1. Telescopic Spider Concrete Placing Booms

The telescoping hydraulic mast on telescopic spider concrete placing booms allows the equipment to be raised by many meters. Because a higher location enables functioning above the wall formworks, this enables installation in extremely constrained spaces. These devices have a 15, 18, and 20-metre horizontal reach.

  1. Separate Placing Booms

Separate placing booms are stand-alone components that are linked to a tower or base without using a vehicle. Due to their exceptional reach, they are suitable for large building sites or projects with complex structures. They also have multi-section booms and 360-degree rotation, which allow them to execute a wide range of maneuvers. Since they frequently have space constraints, they are typically utilised in construction sites found in densely populated urban areas.  Furthermore, they are especially helpful for projects like monuments, cultural complexes, and historic buildings that must have aesthetic appeal.

  1. Skid-mounted Concrete Boom Pumps

Small and adaptable, skid-mounted concrete boom pumps are a great option for projects with limited space or accessibility. They offer flexibility in concrete placement without sacrificing stability or accuracy, as they are simple to install and move. For projects necessitating quick and flexible concrete pumping solutions, skid-mounted pumps are a practical and effective solution.


By incorporating concrete boom pump hire services into their projects, construction companies can accomplish anticipated results regarding the accuracy of concrete placement and reduced labour costs.

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