How to fix QuickBooks error OL-222?

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At times, when importing a company file downloaded from the bank’s website, one might come across some sort of error i.e., QuickBooks error OL-222. This particular error usually shows up in both QuickBooks online and desktop versions for Mac and Windows. You can also come across a similar issue in case of import failure. As a result of this issue, the import process of QBO files from the bank might stuck in between. In simple words, this is a bank-related error that can be seen due to a bunch of factors. To understand this issue in a better way, stick around this segment carefully, or you can also get in touch with our technical support team at +1-800-360-4183, and we will provide you with immediate support and guidance.

What causes QuickBooks error OL-222?

·         A bunch of factors can land you into such an error. These factors include:

·         When you are trying to import non-compliant characters.

·         Another possible trigger can be if the company file is not formatted in a proper manner.

·         You can further come across this particular error, if the QuickBooks software is outdated.

·         Moreover, if the company file is damaged due to any sort of virus or malware attack, then such an error can be seen.

·         Or if the internet connection is not working properly.

·         You can also come across this issue if the bank files that are to be imported are corrupted.

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Steps to fix QuickBooks error code OL-222

You can try to fix the QuickBooks error OL-222 by re downloading the FIDIR.txt file. The steps involved in here are:

·         Begin with closing QuickBooks.

·         Later on, press ctrl + C and copy all the text from the FIDIR.txt file.

·         The next step is to create a new text file and then paste the text into it.

·         You now have to save the file on the desktop.

·         And also, rename the file to FIDIR.txt.

·         Also, delete the previous FIDIR.txt file and further create a new FIDIR file.

·         You also need to navigate to Application Support/com. intuit. QuickBooks 20XX/Downloads

·         After that, click on FIDIR, txt file, and also choose to delete it.

·         Once done with that, you need to head to the applications tab and also press the ctrl key.

·         The next step is to click on QuickBooks.

·         Now, click on the option to show package contents.

·         Followed by double-clicking the contents folder.

·         Also, open the resources folder and delete the FIDIR.txt file from it.

·         You will then have to paste the new FIDIR.txt file into the folder termed as downloads and resources.

·         The last step is to try importing the transactions using web import. 


By the end of this segment, we hope that getting rid of the QuickBooks error OL-222 might be a bit easier. However, if you still are unable to rectify this issue and need any sort of technical assistance at any point in time, then in that scenario, feel free to consult our technical support team at +1-800-360-4183, and we will provide you with instant support and guidance.

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