Quantifiable Customer Experience: 3 Data-Driven Strategies for CIOs

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Over the last few decades, innovative technologies have changed the future of business dynamics. Therefore, every industry uses the latest technologies to move forward, and CIOs are responsible for driving such technological changes within organizations. According to Globe Research, it has been witnessed that more than 27.7% of digital transformation for better customer experience (CX) initiates are sponsored or owned by CIOs, which indicates the rapid change in customer expectations.

For a better understanding and deployment of innovative digital transformation, CIOs need to work closely with other C-suites and department managers to enhance the customer experience and gain a competitive advantage in this digitized world.

Design the Right Data Strategy

In this cross-collaborative business environment, CIOs must determine how to harvest, leverage, and secure customers’ data on the integrated CX platforms to create a more personalized experience and avoid digital sameness. Such CX platforms provide better accessibility, visibility, and transparency in operational and customer experience data, which mitigates the risks of data breaches and data privacy.

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, customers will often give up their personal information when they are familiar with the terms and conditions of the CX platforms. Therefore, as a reward for loyalty and trust, CIOs must create data security strategies, along with upskilling and reskilling employees, to understand the commitment to data privacy and the importance of how CX can change the business.

C-suites Collaborate

CIOs should collaborate with business leaders across the organization to design and deploy innovative measures to enhance CX at every step of the customer journey. CIOs must follow KPIs while measuring CX, which requires proper customer satisfaction scores such as client retention, average revenue per customer, share of wallet, and customer acquisition cost.

CIOs and IT professionals need to build agile platforms to measure the above key metrics, ensuring that the organization is enhancing CX, which will work as a revenue generator serving end customers. With such understanding, CIOs can drive better innovation at all levels with the motivation of improving the customer experience to new heights.

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