Trends for 2024 in Custom Software Application Development

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In 2024, every business doubles as a software company. Whether you are building cars, rocking chairs, or growing cantaloupe, the software you use will directly impact how productive you are and how competitive you will be.

Tailoring your software to your business plays to your strengths. Instead of buying a one-size-fits-all solution where you have to bend your business to the technology, custom software does the opposite, giving a digital boost to those parts of your business where you really stand out.

Here are the top trends in 2024 that will enable you to get the most out of your digital assets:

Artificial intelligence. You could call A.I. the great customizer for 2024. A.I. will be able to whip up a good 50% of the most generic code in a flash, giving your custom software application development team more time to create those funky features that give you greater productivity, more recognition in the marketplace, or both.

AI underwrites your ability to stand out by focusing on your business’s more complex and unique areas, strengthening where you are most competitive.

ERP Software and Inventory Management. What do the Houthis have to do with your next software application? The same thing that the Panama Canal has to do with it.

Almost 40% of all global trade goes through these narrow waterways to provide you with the necessary resources at current prices. As the Panama Canal suffers low water levels and the Suez Canal endures political instability, you mustensure a smooth supply chain for your inventory.

Missing inventory can disrupt up to 7% of your yearly revenue. That can be the difference between profit and loss for the year. Inflation for inputs like energy and basic materials can squeeze margins even further.

Since every business’s supply chain and inventory management is different, you need a custom solution to monitor all your resources, parts, and finished goods. If there is any disruption in your costs, you need the technology to minimize or mitigate it.

Cloud Upgrade. Most applications that can benefit from the cloud are currently being hosted by a cloud platform. Today’s challenge is to continue to optimize the advantages of operating on a cloud platform.

If your application fails to keep up with the updates to the cloud, it’s like inflation: You are giving back the cost and productivity advantages you got when you migrated to the cloud in the first place.

Custom software development 2024 will be about cloud management for your current applications.

This means configuring your database to produce the best results while using the least computing resources. It means taking advantage of all the newest functions and objects in your applications’ languagesand reducing memory and storage costs along with computing power.

It means hosting your application on multiple cloud platforms if you can save money that way and continuously looking for all the new updates the cloud platforms have for any new feature to always improve how you best use the cloud.

Security: When it comes to security, a custom software application enjoys a major advantage over generic brands. If you are using a type of software that a million other users have, a hacker has more incentive to target you because once he has the key to your application, he has the key to a million others.

The payout to break your systems is huge.

If you have a custom software application, the keyhole is the only one of its kind. A hacker must put in the same effort to break your defenses as he does for the generic software. The difference is that the payout on attacking you is only a single system.

Opting for custom software is its own security enhancement.

Quantum computing enables hackers to attack your systems at a scale and speed far beyond anything we have ever seen. Algorithms formerly thought to be impenetrableare child’s play to a quantum computer aimed at your database.

Custom security solutions will remain a top priority for the 2024 custom software application.

IoT, 5G, Quantum Computing: Edge computing and the prospect of processing data at eye-popping speeds mean today’s applications will process massive amounts of data. This presents a huge advantage for any business looking for new opportunities on how to expand its niche.

The software requirements for 2024 are effective data solutions with the ability to scale out fast without breaking the existing infrastructure.


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