WooCommerce Quantity Based Pricing Plugin Review

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Are you looking for an easy way to apply bulk discounts to your online store? Or maybe you want to set minimum and maximum purchase limits for your WooCommerce items?

The basic version of WooCommerce does not offer an option to give discounts based on the overall order quantity. However, there is a solution: the WooCommerce Quantity Discount, Rules and Swatches plugin. This powerful tool goes beyond the basics, allowing you to easily implement these features and more.

In this post, we’re diving into the details with a review of the WooCommerce Quantity Based Pricing plugin.

About WooCommerce Quantity Based Pricing Plugin

Quantity based pricing for woocommerce helps people buy more by offering discounts. It comes in two types: volume pricing and tiered pricing. With volume pricing, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets per item. This is great for big businesses like makers and sellers in bulk because it makes customers want to buy more, helping both sides.

The WPC Price by Quantity plugin for WooCommerce adds a special touch to this idea by bringing in advanced tiered pricing. Here, store owners can set up different price levels. Depending on the level, the price for each item can go up or down. The final cost for the customer is the total of all these levels they’ve bought. Also, you can set prices for different user groups, like giving better deals to big buyers compared to regular shoppers.

Using this plugin is super easy. It lets store owners show various prices in a clear table, showing clearly how the price per item drops as you buy more. And the cool part? As customers pick how many they want to buy, a moving indicator shows the price per item right then and there.

Benefits of using this plugin include:

  • Making customers want to buy more, increasing their total spending.

  • Allowing store owners to give big discounts to certain user groups.

  • Helping lots of customers at once.

  • Growing income with large sales without having to cut costs.

  • Smartly adding up savings as customers buy in bigger amounts.

Key features are:

  • Choosing between pricing for everyone or specific items, with extra options for full control.

  • Choosing how to set prices, either as a fixed number or a percent off.

  • The option to not use pricing rules for certain items.

  • Changing where the price table shows on item pages, and the look of the active price row.

  • Showing price changes in real time as customers adjust their order size.

  • Showing how much customers save in numbers or percent after the discount.

  • Letting store owners write text to show the perks of buying more.

  • Special prices for different kinds of users, like the store manager or regular shoppers.

  • Working with all kinds of products, including bundles and custom options from WPC Product Options.

  • Fitting well with most website themes and WooCommerce plugins.

In short, this plugin is a handy tool for online shops wanting to encourage customers to buy more by using smart pricing, which helps increase sales and benefits both the buyer and seller.


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